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P90 Defense Weapon (PDW) from Battlefield Sports

P90 - #1 best seller for mil-sim tactical laser tag

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The Battlefield Sports P90 laser tag gun is great for re-enactments, especially for sci-fi stories like StarGate SG1. All P90 gaming guns come with the latest digital technology installed.
Read the latest info on the P90 Mark II - "ready for duty" article click here.
Here is what is new: Red dot scope lowered for fast target acquisition and better aiming Lens housing is aluminum throughout for increased robustness Antenna bracket more slim-line for strength.
The handle is polyurethane and is lighter and stronger than previous designs. 


    Recommended Weapon Emulations 
    • FN P90 (default)
    • MP28-50
    • PPsch-41
    File Type File Description
    P90 Data SheetData SheetP90 Data Sheet
    NimH Battery Data SheetBattery InfoMATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for the NiMH battlerry

    Gaming Gun Review - The P90 Personal Defence Weapon

    Back in 1997, I watched a pilot of a new TV series spin-off from a Sci-fi movie. Nothing too unusual in that, being a sci-fi tragic. Little did I know then that I would be watching the cast save the galaxy for the next decade. One of the key elements of the show, was that the secret military team, SG1 explored new worlds traveling through Stargates arms with their trusty P90 personal defense weapons. 

    Hero with P90 The P90 is a famous weapon.

    It is easy to load weapon that packs a punch is instantly recognizable with its distinctive bullpup design. With its integrated red-dot target acquisition is fast and accurate. 

    The P90 is more powerful than a submachine gun but not quite as long-ranged as a combat rifle.

    Compared to a combat rifle, the P90 is relatively lightweight. In CQB it is very handy to use due to its compact size.

    I like it because it is compact but has enough range to be very effective long-range. It features a large 50 shot magazine and supports both burst and semi-automatic fire.

    Integrated 30mm red dot scopes are standard issue with the P90. With SATR3 the laser tag system offers a dedicated Personal Defence Weapon class.  

    To see the P90 specifications up close, click here.

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