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Morita Squad Automatic Weapon from Battlefield Sports

Morita SAW

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Morita SAW

The Morita SAW gaming gun is in the Auto Rifle or Light Machine Gun class of weapon.

Replace the telescopic scope with a red dot scope and bipod becomes your Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW).  

This makes a great Light Machine Gun.

The SAW model comes with a bi-pod. The bi-pods are designed specifically for gamers who need a steady, portable and versatile rest out in the battlefield.


    Recommended Emulations 

    Battlefield Sports Morita (default)


    M60 GPMG

    RPD/Type 56 LMG
    RPK 74 LMG
    M1919 A4 MMG

    M1918 A2 BAR
    Maxim MG 08 MMG

    Degtyarev DP LMG

    DShK M1938 HMG
    Lewis MkI LMG
    Bren MkII LMG
    Vickers MkI MMG
    MG42 LMG 

    File Type File Description
    Morita Saw Data SheetData SheetMorita SAW Data Sheet
    NimH Battery Data SheetBattery InfoMATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for the NiMH battlerry

    Morita SAW Review

    Bring out the big guns! This laser tag gun model is a monster.

    It's around 3 foot (or 1 meter) long!

    This design is the fourth iteration of the Morita laser tag gun.

    Want to see the Morita up close? Click here for its specifications.

    Morita SAW Laser Tag Gun