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Melee Box Battlefield Accessory from Battlefield Sports

Melee Box: Gaming Prop

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Melee Box - Battlefield Prop

The Melee Box is smaller than a Battle Box.

But it is also a useful battlefield prop. It is designed to be used by an actor (or a "non-player-character") rather than a paying customer. 

If you are running a Haunted Attraction or Fantasy Live Action Role Plays then the melee packs are a must. The melee pack can be enclosed in a box and secreted into a monster's costume or you can elect of upgrade a laser tag gun with the melee effect. 

Basically what the melee pack does is emit infrared without having to pull a trigger so it is perfect for zombie actors or spell casters. 


    The Melee Pack has 24 recommended emulations for characters or monsters, namely:

    Fantasy Monsters & Characters
    1. Werewolf
    2. Giant
    3. Wraith
    4. Ghoul
    5. Ghast
    6. Shadow
    7. Wight
    8. Spectre
    9. Zombie
    10. Vampire
    11. Skeleton
    12. Ghost
    13. Mummy
    14. Healer  
    15. Blacksmith

    Horror Monsters & Characters
    16. Toxic Zombie
    17. Zombie
    18. Doctor
    19. Hardware Manager

    Mil-Spec Characters
    20. Bystander
    21. VIP

    Sci-Fi Monsters & Characters
    22. Alien
    23. Toxic Alien
    24. Sci-Fi Knight
    File Type File Description
    NimH Battery Data SheetBattery InfoMATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for the NiMH battlerry

    Melee Box Review

    The Melee Pack offers exciting game opportunities. It can be used for zombie game, fantasy scenarios, or escape adventures.

    This little box can be secreted into an actor's costume or used as a battlefield prop. The box emits a pulse so a gamer gets close then the melee pack it can hit them! This uses a digital radio pulse so there is no need for a gaming gun.

    Want to see the Melee Box's specifications? Click here.