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HB14 - Personal Defense Weapon

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"We are looking at the product and it is SIMPLY AMAZING. The scenarios and features and variety is so much better than we have been using. Great product and great service. Thanks Nicole it’s just awesome." - Steve Schmidt, Christian Youth Camps 


HB14 Compact Rifle (aka "Honey Badger")

The HB14 gaming gun is inspired by popular video games like Call of Duty. It is compact and it is great for both indoor or outdoor real live combat games.
Be sure that the HB14 gaming gun will get a "wow!" from your gamers!

This gaming gun model is popular with battlefield operators because it is compact and robust.

This new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for LONG range gaming, even in daylight. Or simply change the software settings to the "indoor" mode for arena gaming.

The laser tag games played with the HB14 and the other milsim models are like a live version of the video games such as Call of Duty or HALO.

The software emulations enhance the live gameplay of the Honey Badger laser tag gun model, offering two unique features with the ability to change from sub-sonic to super-sonic mode and back again.


    Recommended Theme: Battlefield UNDEAD

    This theme completely revolutionizes your live-action gaming! 

    UNDEAD is inspired by the horrow movies, zombie-apocalypse video games, and more!

    Learn more here or give this video a watch (don't forget to leave a like!)
    @battlefieldsports Zombie Plague! Battlefield UNDEAD #zombies #zombie #zombiegame #battlefield ♬ original sound - Nicole Peter Lander - Battlefield Sports
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    Honey Badger Data SheetData SheetHoney Badger Data Sheet
    NimH Battery Data SheetBattery InfoMATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for the NiMH battlerry

    The Honey Badger Personal Defense Weapon

    Battlefield Operators can also customize the gaming gun by adding a forward hand-grip or sling (or both!).

    The construction on this laser tag gaming gun is aluminum with stainless steel bolts.

    This makes the HB14 one of the most rugged laser tag guns on the market. It has a full trigger mechanism. 

    It also comes standard with a Red Dot scope.

    Battlefield Sports' laser tag equipment is famous for its build quality and realism without sacrificing durability, making the HB14 a truly commercial laser tag gun.   

    Watch the Gaming Gun Review of the Honey Badger

    David Pointin from the UK reviews the laser tag gun, the Honey Badger, in this video. (Note David has the original design of the Honey Badger in this video. We have since changed the design slightly to shorten the magazine. This was for a better fit for the battery housing.) 

    One of the recommended gaming emulations for the Honey Badger is the Owen SMG. Read all the Easter Egg in the SATR software, click here.

    Sub-Sonic or Super-Sonic?

    The supersonic mode is the default. This default mode is long-range and has the normal muzzle flash.
    The software also now has a cool subsonic mode which is short-range, but with reduced (but not eliminated) muzzle flash and a lower sound volume effects, ideal for stealth work.

    To change mode, the gamer holds the black mode button down and then pushes the reload, it will cost the gamer a magazine.
    The expected gameplay style is to approach in stealth mode and then when the enemy has detected you switch to supersonic mode. 

    To change ammunition type gamers, need to press the mode (black) button, while depressed the player then needs to press the reload (red) button. Changing modes uses a complete magazine.

    Looking To Replace the MP5

    The original, real-world, Honey Badger was made by Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC). It was launched back in 2012 and was initially created by request of the special operations community and Special Forces operators who were looking for a familiar weapon system to effectively replace guns such as the Heckler & Koch MP5 and other similar Personal Defence Weapons.
    This new system had to be lightweight, prepared for a subsonic round for suppressed sound and flash, reliable.30 caliber compatible, low recoil and have the ability to penetrate barriers with a high mass projectile.

    PDW Innovations

    The .300 Advanced Armament Corporation blackout cartridge was specifically developed for the CQB environment and suppressed use.
    The subsonic 220-grain load offers a significant improvement in terminal ballistics over traditional 9mm loads.
    The .300 AAC Blackout also gives the user the option of using the 125-grain supersonic match ammunition for engagements at extended ranges, something the 9mm round does not have.

    Battlefield Sports Innovations

    Likewise, this live gaming version of the Honey Badger from Battlefield Sports is also a lightweight PDW.
    A replacement for the MP5 is just what the new Battlefield Sports Honey Badger software, in concert with its gaming gun HB14 model, delivers.

    Want to see the Honey Badger up close? Click here to see the HB14s specifications.

    Honey Badger Laser Tag Gun

    HB14 is a beautiful design

    The Honey Badger is a beautiful new design. Good balance, on the “bullets” position. Good idea. I think the HB14 is very much closer to the look and feel of a real gun. Congratulations guys, a nice job.
    Carlos M, Chile