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Honey Badger

HB14 - Personal Defense Weapon

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Honey Badger Compact Rifle

A popular addition to the Battlefield Sports laser tag gun line up is the HB14 personal defence weapon, also known as the "Honey Badger". The HB14 gaming gun is inspired by popular video games like Call of Duty. It is compact and it is great for both indoor or outdoor real live combat games. Seen right with the optional Forward Grip. 

This new gaming gun model is sure to be popular with battlefield operators because it is compact and robust.
This new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for LONG range gaming, even in daylight. Or simply change the software settings to "indoor" mode for arena gaming.

The laser tag games played with the HB14 and the other milsim models are like a live version of the video games such as Call of Duty or HALO.

HB14 brought to you by Battlefield Sports The construction on this laser tag gaming gun is aluminium with stainless steel bolts.

This makes the HB14 one of the most rugged laser tag guns on the market. It has a full trigger mechanism. 

It also comes standard with a Red Dot scope.

Battlefield Operators can also customize the gaming gun by adding a forward hand-grip or sling (or both!).

Battlefield Sports' laser tag equipment is famous for its build quality and realism without sacrificing durability, making the HB14 a truly commercial laser tag gun.   


    Recommended Emulations 
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    •     Uzi
    •     Mp5 SD
    •     Owen SMG (find out about the SATR Easter Egg)
    •     M3 Grease Gun
    •     Sten Mark 2 (read about the aftermarket Sten Gun)
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    Honey Badger Data SheetData SheetHoney Badger Data Sheet
    NimH Battery Data SheetBattery InfoMATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for the NiMH battlerry