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Electronic Crossbow

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NEW: Electronic Crosbow

Introducing this new model, the Electronic Crossbow.

It consists of a SATR-AIR unit attached to a Fantasy live action role-play (LARP) crossbow prop.
This model is ideal for live action role plays in a fantasy theme. 
Think Dungeons and Dragons - LIVE!


    Recommended Emulations: 
    • Fantasy Crossbow
    • Modern Crossbow 
    File Type File Description
    Electronic CrossBow Data Sheet Data SheetElectronic CrossBow Data Sheet
    Lithium-ion Battery Material Data Sheet Battery InfoLithium-ion Battery Material Safety Data Sheet

    Electronic Crossbow Review

    The electronic crossbow works best within the Battlefield Fantasy theme.

    Monsters can use the Melee Box or Quester to secret into their costumes to create thrilling scenarios.


    Electronic Crossbow