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Master Controller

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My customers love Battlefield Sports equipment because it feels like what they imagine in their mind when they dream of adventure. I like that you innovate not just the technology but methods and ideas to run our businesses. - Joel, Idaho USA

Master Controller

The Master Controller is your portable control device that allows the Operator efficient and comprehensive control of the game. As part, the SATR system you can boot up an unit that can be configured to act like any other. So you can boot up a gaming gun to act as a Controller. But it is best to have a dedicated unit. All units operate peer to peer utilizing the key patented feature of the SATR system.  A master controller has numerous features for setting, monitoring and controlling the game and other devices. The most commonly used feature is the game start by radio along with a game timer so that each game runs for a specified period before automatically ending. The Controller is designed to boost your through-put.

The Master Controller comes with a handy strap. Optional: Upgrade to the whip antenna. With this controller, the Battlefield Operator can start a game, pause, stop all players. It can set a game-time duration and much, much more!


    File Type File Description
    Controller Data Sheet Data SheetMaster Controller Data Sheet
    NimH Battery Data SheetBattery InfoMATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for the NiMH battlerry

    Controller Functions in Detail

    While small operations usually only have the one Master Controller, larger businesses can benefit from ordering several Controller units. Then there are two or more Controllers working together one will act as the lead controller and the rest act as slave controllers. For example, one Controller will time the games and the rest will follow from that time-count.

    That way the Controller unit won't issue cross orders. In SATR3 the Master Controller has four boot-up options for the controller, namely:
    • Comprehensive Master Controller
    • Simple Master Controller
    • Workshop Master Controller
    • Themed Master Controller.
    Want to see the Controller up close? Click here to see the Controller's specifications.

    Comprehensive Master Controller

    A master controller controls the games and is normally used by operators/instructors. It has numerous functions to monitor and control devices by radio and infrared communications. The most commonly used functions are to
    * Start a timed game by radio
    * Set a gaming gun or other device to a particular team, and
    * Reset gaming guns back to a default configuration for a theme.

    It can also issue pre-recorded phrases on gaming guns in player mode. The master controller can monitor and provide limited remote control of devices on the same battle as the controller.

    Simple Master Controller

    If you want simplified operations then go for the Simple Master Controller. It is a much simpler version of the master controller without many of the unusual or complex commands suitable for running simple “Laser Tag” events. Commands include:
    •     Respawn (or Reactivate)
    •     Set Game Timer
    •     End (RF)
    •     Start (RF)
    •     Find (RF)
    •     Team A (set the target devices to Team A)
    •     Team B (set the target devices to Team B)
    •     Any Team (sets to Team X, effectively no team)  
    •     Reload (IR)
    •     Briefing (RF)
    •     Set Volume
    Workshop Master Controller

    A Workshop Controller is designed for the depot staff, especially for a rental business.  Commands include Reset, Set Spare, Test RF, Spawn, Shoot, Kill, Unlock, and Lock.

    Themed Master Controller

    This is a master controller but has extra commands for controlling games using the game modes of Manhunt, Haunted and Apocalypse.

    A Summary of the Master Controller Commands



    This menu includes all temporary settings and commands issued via infrared transmission. The operator needs to point at the target device’s sensors and then pull the trigger on the master controller. IR Commands do not make permanent changes to the target devices configuration.


    This menu includes all commands issued via digital radio to all devices on the same battle as the master controller. 


    This menu includes all permanent settings and commands issued via infrared transmission. All changes are retained between reboots. Common settings are configuration options that are likely to change frequently.


    Search with radio for devices of the selected type. The user then selects the specific device and the system returns key information about that device. Basic scoring information and team setting is shown on the list of matching devices.


    Remotely control devices on the same battle with radio.


    Trigger pre-recorded phrases from the master controller to play on gaming guns on the same battle. Notably: “you are victorious” and “change ends”.


    Trigger pre-recorded phrases from the master controller to play on gaming guns on the same battle. Notably: “you are victorious” and “change ends”.


    System testing and retrieving target device’s data either via infrared (point at a target) or via radio.


    User-specified configurations which can then be used on target devices. For operators that have a common set of configurations to use, this can be used to save time setting the gaming guns. Updates are done by a combination of infrared (one device at a time) and digital radio signal. Can send a broadcast update to all devices on the same battle or all devices regardless of battle, remember to turn off any devices that you don’t wish to have updated.


    This menu includes all permanent settings issued via infrared transmission that infrequently change. All changes are retained between reboots. Only one setting at a time can be altered.

    Even More Detail on the Controller Functions

    The User Guide explains each of these master controller functions in more detail. You can download a copy of the latest user guide, here.