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Claymore Mine - Battlefield Accessory

The claymore mine is a terrific battlefield accessory if you are running with the Battlefield LIVE theme. 

Blow the berzookers out of your enemy!

This amazing claymore mine is distinctive prop on the Battlefield LIVE area of operations. Battlefield Sports now launches the Claymore Mine Mark 2.

This new model mine retains its iconic three panel design.

The Way the Claymore Mine Works 
The Claymore mine explodes in 3 ways:
  • Claymore
  • Normal Mine
  • Dirty Mine.

When emulating a claymore mine unit is configured in “kill” mode. This means that if a gamer is in range, they will automatically be reduced to zero hit points, no matter what level of HP they were on.

A hit from this unit when configured as a normal mine will cause 1 hit point loss per explosion. This mine can be set to either TEAM A or TEAM B if friendly-fire is off, or will hit both if friendly-fire is on.

This configuration actually shoots continuously for 22 seconds. It has a cool “Geiger-counter” type sound effect. The claymore comes with a bank of infrared emitters so it has a board area, but short-range, effect.

Its standard issue color is olive drab. Please note this page also show the previous claymore model in black. 

Laser Tag Bomb
If you want to incorporate a laser tag bomb into your scenarios then adding a series of claymores to your gaming arenal is just the ticket. 

A claymore can be configured to be triggered by being shot by a gamer. You can also configure it to Unlimited hits.

A Claymore bomb can act as a free-standing target.

The claymore can be configured to automatically re-arm within a few seconds, rearm after 2.5 minutes or not re-arm at all.

The explosion effect distance can be reduced for indoor play. Plus its volume by be easily configured.

Used by a gamers, the claymore mine can add a lot of excitement to scenario missions.

It features the iconic “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” marking.