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SATR: Patented Digital Technology

SATR stands for "small arms transmitter receiver." It offers you real-time hit feedback, via light effects (through the red dot scope) and sound effects (through voice feedback).
When you shoot an opponent the computer inside the gaming gun issues a sound effect. This sound effect comes in 11 languages or can be customized.

For example, hit feedback indicates “tagged” (wound), “de-activated” and “de-activate already.” These SFX are available in 11 languages, or can be customized.

This system gives the gamer instant gratification because they know immediately if they have gotten an opponent. This is an emotionally engaging, authentic experience. Gamers who want to experience something like watching a heart-pounding blockbuster movie, now have the opportunity to be an action hero, or heroine, for a day.

Cool SFX

I like the different types of gaming gun sounds on the equipment.
Kevin, CA, USA


Patented Technology

When a player tags an opponent their gaming gun instantly says so. The opposition’s gun issues a near-miss, wound or dead sound effect.

Further, the global radio system enables improved gamer throughput due to its global start, stop, pause, resume functionality.

The crux of the new technology and the core of the patent application is its real time hit feedback system.

This new digital SATR system is a live gaming juggernaut, the instant gratification real-time hit feedback means it gives gamers an adrenaline pump.

Key Battlefield Sports' Patent Points *

A third party asked the Patents Office to re-examine our patent, citing some so called "prior art". The Patents Office examined these claims and dismissed them - upholding and strengthening our patent.  These dot points need to be taken as a whole as it is the dependencies that define the invention as much as its individual components.

  1. Combat simulation system including an aimed infrared emitter that sends an infrared signal to a target device and radio transmitter that transmits back to the “shooting” device indicating a kill, wound or dead already. In other words – our world famous hit-feedback system.
  2. The shooting device issues a sound effect e.g. “kill” or “wound” or “dead already” when it receives the radio signal. This gives gamers an immediate adrenaline pump, with special effects so your players are thrilled out of their brains. Currently has 13 in-game languages (and you can customize your own) allowing massive immersion in your live gaming scenarios. (Gamer statistics are also tracked.) As well as the SFX instant hit-feedback the system has light effect feedback via the scope.
  3. Has at least one sensor on the body or firearm like device (gaming gun) of the target. Currently the system emulates 69 weapons from P90 to sniper rifles! Weapon commentary in authentic accent.
  4. The gaming gun has a lens to focus the infrared beam so it is relatively narrow.
  5. The target receiver filters out infrared radiation not from a shooting gun.  In other words this means we have error detection to make sure no spurious signals count as a hit. (You can also turn friendly fire on or off.)
  6. We can adjust the range such as indoor, short, medium or long.
  7. A “Third Signal” can be used to control the apparatus or in other words the gaming guns. This really relates to controlling the gaming guns by a master controller.
  8. The system will have multiple channels. In other words this is what we call our battles. That is the infrared and radio system can be configured to operate in separate groups without cross-fire. Currently we have battles 1 through 4.  
  9. A gun ID code in the shooting packet is used in the feedback to the shooter confirming a hit, kill or dead already by the digital radio system. (Digital radio means increased profits with instant start/pause/resume for an unlimited number of gamers – from 2 to 2,000 gamers – many times higher throughput.
  10. The system is hub-less, meaning we use a peer-to-peer hit feedback.
  11. Target gaming gun accepts a hit and can be become temporarily inoperable, meaning a gamer cannot shoot for a short period of time, like a second in standard mode.
  12. Has an electrical triggering mechanism, e.g. the trigger switch.
  13. The invention is not limited to military style, can be used for science fiction style games or other themes, as well.
  14. The controller can control one or more apparatuses, e.g. gaming guns and other devices such as mines or other battle boxes.

* Please note this is not a legal argument, rather it is a summary of the patent's points from the inventor. To read the patent's lawyer's exposition, click here. Plus the full patent brief.


Battlefield Sports Copyright

Battlefield Sports owns the copyright to all its resources assoicated with SATR. This includes copyright on its User Guide, and graphics to do with SATR, and indeed photos of C.O. Siren and its laser tag equipment. Here is a letter of copyright assignment from Mike Curtain, photographer, click here.

Battlefield Sports Patented Technology for You

SATR DisplayThis latest technology breakthrough provides a sought after blend of innovative features and tough-working performance. The emphasis is on high quality, and value for money.

SATR using a combination of lensed infrared and radio data transfer enables real-time hit-feedback and other statistics such as fire accuracy without requiring a central computer system.

Many features means live gaming operators around the world can increase profits, e.g. the system uses global start/stop/pause/resume features means 100 or more phasers can instantly be paused and re-started. It scales up to an unlimited number of players. More, operators can run up to four separate groups simultaneously without cross-fire. This means many times higher throughput.

Gamers worldwide can gear up for the most immersive, authentic, live gaming experience. Computer gaming is going through the roof. This next generation of gaming gun ushers in a new generation of live gaming - be a part of the action.

The system is simple to maintain. It was designed with ease of maintenance in mind.