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Paintball Fields & Laser Tag

paintball adding laser tagPaintball has provided a steady income and a sound business for many a year.

Paintball field operators entertain many, many bucks parties. But paintball operators often face issues about catering for young players.

There might be regulatory or insurance impediments.

But paintball players often have younger siblings or their own children who would love to play.

And the paintball field operator would love to reuse his or her infrastructure.

Besides the little tikes who start playing combat games with lasers will eventually grow up and graduate into paintball, your paintball. Laser tag is a great solution, especially laser tag equipment that is 100% portable and one that can be used either indoors or outdoors.  

Peter S runs one of Australia's biggest Paintball Fields set on 300 acres with over 25 different themed playing fields, including: "Wild West", "Celtic Ruins", "Junkyard", "The Alamo" and many more.

He now also offers Laser Tag, using the Cobra Laser Tag Phaser.

Plus he has a Gaming Console Area and Sports Bar.

Players must be 16 or older to participate in paintball so the youngsters are catered for with laser tag.