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Paintball & Laser Tag Case Study: Shoot To Thrill

laser tag and paintball

Paintball Pioneer Drives Growth With Laser Tag

Shoot To Thrill was one of the first paintball fields in Denmark. It started in 1992. The team is led by Mikael Gröning. 

He first heard of Battlefield Sports when he visited Las Vegas, Nevada, USA IAAPA Trade Show, way back in 2009. 

That year there were 15 laser tag manufacturers displaying their wares at the trade show. 

Mikael was impressed with Battlefield Sports. 

Leverage The Paintball Business To A Broader Market

He wanted to leverage their paintball business and appeal to a broader market. They started with a small set of 16 laser tag guns and accessories with the SATR1 system. 

They got 16 Spitfires, Medic Boxes and a Master Controller

This decision has continued to pay dividends. 

"We love your guns and have had a huge success with them," said Mikael. 

paintball fields add laser tag

Laser Tag in Any Language 

The SATR laser tag system includes intuitive voice-over which ensures the gamers know what's happening the game, in real-time. Common sound effects include: 

  • Voice Prompt: "Wound"
  • Voice Prompt: "Hit"
  • Voice Prompt: "Kill"

In fact, in SATR3 there are more than 18,000 sound effects. 

When ordering their laser tag equipment from Battlefield Sports, Mikael sent the sound files in Danish to the factory. Battlefield Sports included these custom voice-overs so players from Copenhagen could hear the SFX in Danish. 

The Battlefield Sports laser tag system works in 21 sound schemes. Other custom languages that have been created include Catalan, Basque and Swedish. 

Business Growth in Denmark

As the Shoot to Thrill business grew, so did Mikael’s arsenal. 

By 2014 they had a 70 gaming gun strong arsenal. The team particularly likes the Cobra model. 

They added many more Cobra laser tag guns over the next few years. The Cobra happens to be Battlefield Sports' bestseller due to its versatility and its weather resistance.

In 2017 Mikael upgraded their entire arsenal to SATR3. 

"As well as the new games, like "Capture the Flag", we liked that the SATR3 system could support up to 8 separate battle groups in close proximity without cross-fire," said Mikael.


Our paintball field has a series of themed battlefields that are in close quarters. Gamers play one game in the first field, then move onto the second one and play another scenario in that area, then move on to the next field, and so on. That way over a two-hour period they can experience different game-play in the various fields," said Mikael. 

"We also love the in "locked" mode. That is a joy. It means no tampering from 20 employees!" he said. 

Group Bookings are a Key Source of Revenue

Outdoor laser tag is particularly popular with 13 and 14-year-old students. 

In Denmark, many celebrate a coming-of-age confirmation on a Sunday in April or May and then enjoy a day off school and throw a big party on the following Monday. 

This is called Blue Monday. 

"SATR works well with very large groups. For example, one day in May we had about 1,400 kids playing them in one day. No problems at all," he said. 

Today Shoot To Thrill has more than 150 gaming units in their arsenal (158 to be exact). 

"We have run our site for 27 years and battlefield laser tag for the last 8 years (with success ;-)," said Mikael. 

1400 Students in 1 Day

"I just got back from an event at a High School in Copenhagen:

  • 1400 students and teachers
  • 30 laser tag guns
  • 3 instructors
  • 8 hours.

We started a new game every 15 minutes. Each with 50 to 60 new players…. Hectic!

The equipment worked flawlessly ;-)

Bustet I am!" said Mikael. 

gamers from copenhagen

Laser Tag + Paintball = A Good Solution 

Battlefield Sports laser tag solution works well in tandem with paintball fields because: 

  • Laser Tag expands the business to a wider audience and broader age group
  • The system can be set to a "lock-out" mode so you can set it the way you want and only the Operators can change the settings
  • The system is weather-resistant so you can play in the sun or rain, in the heat or the cold. 

"Laser Tag has been and continues to be a good addition for us because it complemented our paintball business and it has helped our business grow," said Mikael. 

If you have a paintball field and want to expand your market, get in touch with your local Battlefield Guru.