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laser gun P90

Laser Tag Gun: P90 Personal Defence Weapon 

Laser Tag Gun: The P90 PDW

P90 Personal Defense Weapon

The Battlefield Sports P90 laser tag gun is great for re-enactments, especially for sci-fi stories like StarGate SG1. All P90 gaming guns come with the latest digital technology installed.

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Great to work with

I received the parts and all is well. I thank you for your help. You guys are great to work with. You have a good day.

Here is what is new: Red dot scope lowered for fast target acquisition and better aiming Lens housing is aluminum throughout for increased robustness Antenna bracket more slim-line for strength Handle is polyurethane and is lighter & stronger. 

Best in the Market Today

The best product and service in the market today.
Ray, Qld Australia

It is a mid-sized gaming gun great if you are planning a Battlefield LIVE (modern military) or sci-fi theme.


  • The new generation P90 weighs 3kg (6 lbs).
  • The P90 is 52cm/20" long.
  • The P90 is 23cm/9" tall.
  • The P90 is 5cm/2" wide.
  • Standard issue color: black (hammer-burst powder-coating).
  • Style PDW
  • Recommended Scope: Red Dot
  • Construction: Metal, polyurethane handle (p90 style).
  • Trigger: full trigger mechanism
  • Recommended environments: Day/Night Outdoors, e.g. ski fields, forest, woodlands. 

Recommended Weapon Emulations

FN P90 (default)

More Images of the P90

special operations P90 Spec Ops gamers escort a VIPC.O. Siren with a P90C.O. Siren with P90p90P90 on a camo net

The P90 Facebook Album 1, click here

The P90 Facebook Album 2, click here

The P90 in Action

As in the laser tag gun model the P90 comes, as standard:

  • Predator Muzzle Flash (tri-colored, select red, blue, white, or no flash)
  • Optik sensors (sensors fit both on the head or a vest,& integrated into the gaming gun barrel) 
  • Robust construction
  • suitable for gaming either indoors e.g. in a large warehouse and for the outdoors.