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Optik Sensor Enables Game Play High Noon or Midnight

With Battlefield Sports advanced optoelectronics, in particular, its Optik Sensors enable gameplay both indoors or outdoors, both at nigh noon or in the dark. In all light levels from arctic tundra to tropical rainforest.

optik ir sensorAll gaming gun models include an Optik barrel sensor as well as two Optik head sensors (front & back). The barrel Optik sensor is set in resin for increased robustness. The head sensor Optik sensors are fitted in tough polycarbonate domes. These domes can be opened for efficient maintenance.

  • The Australian Technology Showcase endorsed Battlefield Sports' Optik sensor technology, click here for more.
  • Download the fact sheet on the Battlefield Sports Optik Sensors, click here.

If you can see ‘em/you can shoot ‘em with Optik Sensors

A key element of live gaming is the Battlefield Sports' sensor system. The sensors are an important factor in creating an enjoyable experience for gamers. At its heart, Battlefield LIVE is a shooting game, so gamers want to see they have made hits.

Combined with SATR’s real-time hit feedback the Optik sensors make for authentic combat entertainment. Each Battlefield Sports’ gaming gun includes an integrated Optik sensor system.

The system has three sensor domes: one placed on the forehead, one on the center of the back of the head, and one on the gun barrel. When the sensor system receives
a digital signal, the gaming gun takes a “hit” and the health reduces by one “hit point.” Years of commercial experience has shown that the most important element
of live gaming is the participants think the game is fair. With Battlefield Sports’ Optik sensors performance is reliable

Our focus on simplicity and fairness suits high traffic attractions.

  • Some of the factors that have influenced our Optik sensor development are:
  • The sensor system must be as non-intrusive as possible; to support appropriate or themed costumes.
  • The location and design of the sensors must afford genuine 360-degree "hit-ability".
  • The sensor system must make it challenging for a gamer, while in play, to try and hide their sensors.
  • A minimum number of sensors to be used for gaming guns for simplicity and maintainability.
  • The sensor system must perform in board range of lighting and weather conditions.
  • Maintaining hygiene was a must.
  • High-speed digital data

The Optik Sensor supports high-speed digital data transmission which underpins the SATR system. The head sensor features a heavy-duty 6 core cable (that can also come with an adapter for our older 4 core plug) which increases the average life span of the cable. It also supports SATR’s ability to configure the sensor hit light color.


optik infrared sensorThe game of Battlefield LIVE has been developed by gamers. So we understand the importance of using costumes as vital “props” for live gaming. As entertainers, we strive for gamers to be immersed in the combat entertainment experience.

In other words, to suspend disbelief.

This might be as simple as using straw hats and black BDUs to represent Viet-Cong and olive drab combat fatigues for the US Forces. So gone are the old-style laser tag vests replaced with the new Battlefield Sports’ Optik sensor system.

Battlefield Sports offers an extremely flexible mounting system that is discrete so detracts the least from costuming.

Optik Sensors = Keystone of LIVE gaming in software.

The sensor comes with a smokey grey dome that looks very attractive and discrete. Our team has designed a surface mount PCB which has enabled us to keep a compact size of the sensor. Our sensors are approximately the size of a silver dollar. These sensors simply attach with Velcro to any hat or cap or headband. This is particularly useful if you are using a particular style of costume as part of your attraction’s theme. The Optik Sensor also has more varnish on the board surface, therefore, increasing its water resistance. The dome polycarbonate covers are tough as nails, but easily maintainable

Long-range Outdoor / Short range Indoor

With the SATR software the range of the sensors is easily configurable depending on where you plan to play. There are four software range settings in SATR (indoor, short, medium, long) so it is possible to change the settings quickly to find the right game balance. Optik-Sensors deliver excellent long-range, reliable performance at the baud rate needed by SATR. For example, a field-test of Morita sniper rifle ran out of room achieving more than 1,500 feet (450 meters). In testing, we’ve confirmed a Scorpion can hit up to 850 feet (250 meters)! Of course, when you are playing a laser tag game your opposition is trying not to get hit, ducking and weaving as well as hiding, and you might come under fire so in a live mission this range will reduce. The range also is affected by how bright the direct sunlight is on a particular day. It is also affected by how well zeroed the scope is and how clean the lens is. All these factors can mitigate the maximum gaming range.

Hiding Sensors?

One of the top the problems with old-style indoor laser tag vests is the ease players can observe the enemy without exposing themselves to fire. Players, for example, could look around corners to watch for an enemy without any risk of being hit, even if an enemy spotted them. Battlefield Sports has elegantly solved this problem with our three-sensor system. All Battlefield Sports’ gaming guns some with three integrated Optik sensors: one placed center of the forehand, one at the back of the head, and one on the gun barrel.

Part of our solution also lies in the way our gaming guns shoot. Traditional laser tag have a very wide beam of infrared light. Our gaming guns instead have a narrow, tightly focused beam, so gamers must aim (either with a red dot or telescopic scope) to hit an opponent. Of course, to aim, gamers need to look with their eyes; our front head sensor is mounted directly over their eyes, so to aim, the gamers must expose their head sensor. Blind firing in Battlefield LIVE is dangerous given the gun barrel sensor.

LIVE Gaming Everywhere - Arctic Tundra to Tropical Rainforest

Live gaming is played all over the world. Battlefields exist from near the arctic circle to the tropics, from dedicated indoor facilities to the hot desert terrain. Traditional laser tag sensor systems were designed for a controlled (temperature & lighting) indoor environment.

The sun emits a huge amount of ambient infrared light, so our sensors must detect only our signals and ignore the rest. Battlefield Sports gives you a robust and reliable solution.

The system was originally designed for the tropics, so hygiene was vital. Helmets and vests with permanently installed sensors inevitably become soaked with perspiration over a busy day. Also with children playing battlefield operators need to consider head lice. With our system, every gamer gets a clean hat to hire for the duration of their session. Further, we can tell the teams with one clan wearing army hats and the other caps.

In Summary

We are entertainers. We want to leave people with the best experience that we can. Gamers have been brought up on ever-more realistic combat simulation games.

Gamers are remarkably knowledgeable about weapons and infantry combat history. They appreciate well thought out authentic live action role plays. And the sensor that goes along with our games, therefore, must also be authentic.

Integrated Sensors as Standard

The Battlefield Sports' SATR live-action gaming system includes integrated sensors as standard.

As seen in the picture players wear a head wrap and then place a headband over it. (This is for hygiene you are switching between players throughout the day.)

Each tagger has an integrated sensor in the barrel.

You can order red head wraps and red headbands. As well as blue head wraps and blue headbands. Or, you can go camo head wraps with black headbands.

Once you have the head-wear, then the player places the sensors in the center of their forehead and a second sensor in the center of the back of their head.

head sensors


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