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Zombie Walk Scares for a Good Cause

Battlefield UNDEAD Sponsors Zombie Walk to help Raise Funds for the Brain Foundation

A horde of more than 10,000 of the walking dead limped through the RNA Show Grounds yesterday in a festival of guts, gore and fake blood as locals unleashed their inner zombie. This year Battlefield Sports sponsored the Brisbane leg of the Zombie Walk to help raise funds for the Brain Foundation.

The Brain Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to solving neurological disorders, brain disease, and brain injuries by funding research programs.

The Foundation does not receive any government funding so relies on the generosity of public donations and companies including Battlefield Sports.

zombie killing games Battlefield Sports is an award winning laser tag manufacturer which has exported its brand of live gaming to more than 40 countries.

The company is world famous for its brand of live gaming “Battlefield LIVE”.

During the Carnival of the Dead “Battlefield LIVE” became “Battlefield UNDEAD”.

Ten Battlefield staff took part in the Zombie Walk.

Using its patented laser tag technology the group ran free zombie killing games all day.

The Battlefield UNDEAD set up consisted of a maze of inflatable rooms forming a haunted house.

Where 24 gamers could play simultaneously; 8 survivors versus 16 zombies.

“We ran more than 700 player-games throughout the day,” said Peter Lander, aka C.O. Plan, co-Founder of Battlefield Sports.

“Because our laser tag technology is 100% portable we were able to bring our mobile zombie laser tag games to the horde,” said Peter.

“The zombies hunt their way through the haunted house, their mission: kill all the survivors,” said Peter.

This year’s Zombie Walk saw bedraggled ballerinas, zombie brides, even a disheveled Star Wars Storm Trooper buddied with a zombifed Ewok.

Wearing tattered and stained clothing, the undead dragged their feet in true zombie form and also raised funds for each kilometer of the Zombie Walk completed.

Thousands of white walkers dressed as freaks, ghouls, mutants, playboy bunnies, battlefield nurses and surgeons, even the odd undead caveman took part in the Zombie Walk.

Now in its eighth year, the Brisbane Zombie Walk gave those who love the horrifying and macabre a chance to dress up and try to frighten the living daylights out of each other.

The gore-covered group is expected to raise more than $60,000 for brain disease research.

Check out the photos of the Zombie Walk on our Facebook page, click here.