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Zombie Terror in the Bunkers

Zombie Horror at the Bunkers

zombie with a P90The Dutch have been terrifying gamers at the Groede Podium. Jurjen Schipper and the crew from Battlefield LIVE convered an innocent camping ground in Groede to a scene of terror for some thrilling zombie games.

A relic from World War 2 the modern day camping ground was actually used during the Second World War as a commando village. The area has a series of interconnected bunkers.

Back in the day, the Germans painted the bunkers to mimic the style of houses common in the Netherlands to mislead the allied forces. Tricking the allies and avoiding the place being bombed.

Today the venue has more than six bunkers that are still there used. This is the perfect place for playing bunker horror games.

Gamers were divided into groups of eight and each group had a Battlefield LIVE crew member as their guide. The gamers had to navigate their way through a series of bunkers and throughout the forest. Along the way they were ambushed by terrifying zombies. 

The zombie games were played from dusk and into the dark. The Battlefield LIVE team had approximately 20 cast members who terrified the teens. Pictured, right, is one of the zombie actors armed with two P90s.

Mission Briefing - Zombie Games in the Bunkers

> Listen! players…
> It’s important you come fast! It’s not safe here.
> This place is hunted with ghostly soldiers and the will not hesitate to kill you...
> I am an old man these days but I have found a way to stop this madness and let the ghosts sleep in peace.
> During WW2 the Germans had a camp of elite commanders set up here in these bunkers.
> Now there are trapped in ghost form and are terrible monsters. There is a spell to release them and free them, how they got here in the first place I don’t know. But what I do know is that you must not stay here any longer than absolutely neccessary. More people could be harmed if you cannot overcome the zombie threat.
> Here is what you must do!
> The first three bunkers I checked carefully and you should be fine if you don’t harm them but beware if you do.
> You will need to sneak passed them in order to get to the other side, and you will have to get past death itself it seems.
> On the other side the fight will begin as you will have to clear out each bunker in order to complete your mission and win.
> There will be an instructor that will guide you through the course so stay with him!
> Good luck and please do what the groups before you could not – be victorious!