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Zombie Laser Tag - 3 Reasons Why I Love It

Zombie Laser Tag

zombie girl Do you love the "Walking Dead"? Can you barely wait for a sequel to the movie "WWz"? Do you hold out for the latest instalment of the "Evil Dead"? If you answered yes to any of these, then you'll love Zombie Laser Tag.

I know I do.

I love Zombie laser tag because you can live out your favorite zombie movies or zombie games as a zombie or as a hero. As they say: "you've seen the movies, you've played the games, now LIVE 'em".

This is where Battlefield LIVE becomes Battlefield UNDEAD.

The moment you get your gaming gun you are ready to annihilate zombies. Or if you are a zombie you are hungry for hero’s brains. Your heart starts poundin’.

Your blood is rushing.

Whether you are in the Canadian Parliament (no joke) calling for an International Zombie Strategy to prevent a continent wide pandemic or simply your local warden trying to stamp out a local infestation, zombie laser tag is the bomb.

Three Reasons Why I Love Zombie Laser Tag

There are three reasons why I love zombie laser tag.

Reason 1: I love zombie laser tag because if you book in as a zombie (well, at least at SOME battlefields) with full makeup and costume you get to play for free.

Reason 2: Some people would pay big bucks to dress up as a zombie and be an extra in a zombie movie, or be cast with a part of a play, even a live-play. With zombie laser tag it is a gift.

This human versus zombie – this is not game-play against a bad algorithm. This is LIVE play. Gamer versus Gamer.

I love zombie laser tag because I love juegos de zombies aka "zombie games".

Reason 3: Well, I think I might survive in a post-apocalyptic world where a pandemic has turned much of the human race into zombies. Of course. In the zombie laser tag experience there is no pause button. You cannot reboot. You cannot tap out.

It never stops!

Misdirection, fear-mongering and falsehoods all part of a good game.

This is a fully immersive fight back.

I love zombie laser tag because you get to play with chainsaws (ok fake chainsaws, but still chainsaws!) Plus there is a good story in the plot. A killer story. This is not a macabre wish. (I keep telling myself this!)

Whether you are searching for Viking treasure or hunting an unlucky doctor in a modern laboratory, chainsaws are a must. After all this is a melee.

To terrify you or to entertain you, simply book your local zombie laser tag, visit

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