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Zombie Kill-Zone Game

Battlefield UNDEAD - Zombie Kill-Zone Game

This is a game of laser tag but with a twist; instead of "Battlefield LIVE" -  a war game - it becomes "Battlefield UNDEAD" - a zombie game.

Zombie Kill Zone is a simple Zombie versus Survivor game.

For the Survivors they need to last as long as possible and kill as many Zombies as possible. 

Zombie Kill Zone is a very suitable mission for running Zombie themed games at a festival. Form two queues’, one Zombies and one for Survivors. Each gamer just plays one game and then can rejoin the queue of their choice. With a festival, winning is based on the team’s victory only, the Zombies win if all survivors are dead and the Survivors win if any of them survive. Generally festivals have a smaller field, so the game length is reduced.

zombie kill zoneSurvivors are armed with an automatic rifle or sub machine gun so they can definitely out fight Zombies at range, but they receive no respawns. Zombies require a double tap to kill.

Zombies on the other hand, need to get in close to eat some brains and get unlimited respawns, so they just keep coming. For the Zombies, they just want to eat as many brains as possible!


UNDEAD Game-Play

The games are short, sharp, and deadly!

The game is best played out in a small area that has a lot of props to hide behind.

This mission runs from 3 to 5 minutes depending on the environment.

Likewise zombies can only re-spawn from their base.

Experience the thrill of Battlefield UNDEAD - this is zombie laser tag.


The world has turned to ... well zombies. Gone are the fun filled days, now everyday is a fight for survival. Everywhere you go staggering corpses are fighting to eat your brains or infect you. Most of your friends & family are already dead, some walking, some not. You & your small group of survivor must hold on as long as you can against the never ending Zombie horde. The only thing going for you is we have automatic weapons & they don’t. Our small band is now holed up in a small building surrounded by Zombies, kill them all if you can.



Brains, Brains BRAINS! “You have been driven mad by the infection; all you can think of is Brains & spreading the infection. You don’t fear dying, you are already dead, & you can respawn as many times as you like from the infection point (medic box). You will have to get in close to infect a breather (human), they have automatic firearms & you don’t. When you hit a breather your gaming guns will say “Brains” & when you infect a survivor, your gaming gun will say “Brains, Brains, BRAINS.”