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Zombie Domination Game

Battlefield UNDEAD - Domination Game (with Zombies!)

"This is your final stand against the Zombie horde. There is no where left to hide. Our only hope to control the site of the cure long enough to final eradicate the Zombie threat. Watch out, the Zombies are driven to destroy the site. With everything at stake, casualties are irrelevant."

This is the briefing human survivors get upon entering the outbreak area.

This is a game of laser tag but with a twist; instead of "Battlefield LIVE" it becomes "Battlefield UNDEAD".

There is one team of survivors.

And there is one team of zombies.

The twist to a traditional zombie game is that in this game the Zombies have guns!

Each team must shoot the Domination Box to control the area, in this case the Medical Research Facility.

UNDEAD Game-Play

The games are short, sharp, and deadly!

The game can played out in just about any terrain.

zombie domination games Game times are approximately 5 minutes if in a close quarters battle or for up to 15 minutes if experienced in the forest.

Gamers playing both the survivors and the zombies get unlimited re-spawns from their bases' medic box. Medic Boxes are set to teams, so survivors can only get a re-spawn from their base. Likewise zombies can only re-spawn from their base.

The team who controls the Domination Box for the longest time wins.

The Domination Box will automatically flash the winning team's color at the end of the game time.

Experience the thrill of Battlefield UNDEAD - this is zombie laser tag.