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World First: This is Underground Gaming

World First at Coal Mine - Experience LIVE Gaming Underground

The historical Wonthaggi State Coal Mine is set to become a battlefield with Laser Strike running underground sessions.

gaming in a coal mine Laser Strike is based in Victoria and has been running live gaming battles for entertainment since 2006.

Gaming in a Coal Mine

The State Coal Mine takes tourists as deep as 60m underground.

There is around 1.5kms (about 1 mile) of tunnels including dead ends, loops, tracks, tunnels, a bridge and more. Here players will put on there hardhats and move out.. or down under... to battle underground!

This awesome location is a real adrenalin charged heart pumping adventure.

You never really know what awaits around the next corner or inside the next dark tunnel.

"Being underground is absolutely amazing, it is something completely difference and we are quite confident that is ia world first," said Stuart Rainbow, Laser Strike.

Braxton Laine, Manager at the State Coal Mine approached Laser Strike believing it would be a great at attracting a different market to historical tourists.

"It is a trial and if it is successful it could lead to attracting corporate bonding sessions and things like that. We have meeting facilities here they can use and then after that can use and then after that they could play laser games," said Braxton.

The team at Laser Strike also run games on Phillip Island.

"The excitement is fever pitch," said Stuart.

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