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Want to Play in Castle

Here's your Chance to Play in a 920 year old Castle.

pembroke castle gaming Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire has been busy with a lot of exciting developments, not the least of which are new battle emplacements in their battlefield and a new venue – a castle!

New Battlefield Playing Area “The Prison”

Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire has extended the 'battlefield' and enhanced its playing area.  It has taken many months and a lot of investment to create a ruined, ancient building/maze in the midst of our jungle-themed woodland. They call it “The Prison”.
The Prison was the focus of their Walking Dead events which are held regularly throughout the year. Zombies are not just Halloween!

The Prison is also the area where their CQB (close quarters battle) run in the evenings.  These sessions concentrate on building clearance and are run by a fully trained and qualified bodyguard battlefield live pembroke(ex-SAS trained, hostile environment close protection) and his team who have undergone training by former SAS.  These sessions will be for teams of 5 and are against the clock.  Team times are displayed on a leader-board and our Facebook page.  The team that beats the current best score will be entitled to go Black Ops (classified). Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire will be officially launching this new area in the New Year.

Battle in a Castle

Ever wanted to play Battlefield LIVE in a castle?

Well now you can.

Pembroke Castle + Battlefield LIVE = Awesome!

Toria and the team from Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire have pembroke castle gaming created a new thrill in their battlefield. And now you can also play in an authentic castle. Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire games are also now played at Pembroke Castle. Pembroke Castle was the birthplace of King Henry VII. Pembroke Castle was built in 1093. During the troubled reign of King Charles I, the castle was attacked in turn by both Royalist and by Roundheads as the sympathies of its occupants altered. In the latter stages of the struggle an attacking force was led by Cromwell himself.

Battlefield LIVE can be booked in the castle itself for corporate groups, youth groups, school groups, or a large birthday party.

To find out more about Battlefield LIVE in a castle, visit Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire.