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Twelfth Battlefield Sports Annual Client Survey 2016

Battlefield Sports Annual Client Survey Results 2016

four out of 5Every year, during the Thanksgiving season, Battlefield Sports asks its clients for feedback. We ask you how we went in 2016 and what you are looking forward to in 2017. 

Innovation & continuous improvement is the life blood of Battlefield Sports, so while we love feedback through the entire year, each November we formally ask for your ideas so we can continue to innovate and improve.

This year, 2016, celebrates its twelth year of feedback.

Happy 12th Birthday to the Battlefield Sports Client Survey

At Battlefield Sports we value our Battlefield Operators' feedback that is why we've run our annual client survey for more than a decade. Many of the innovations we've incorporated into SATR2 are the features our operators asked for.

The Battlefield Sports team would like to say "thank you" to our customers who rated us, overall 4.36 out of 5.

Most customers experienced growth compared to last year. While most Battlefield Operators experienced growth of between 10% and 20% some had a great result of gross income up around 35%. 

Of those who did experience a decrease almost all of them noted a small or very small descrease. 

Majority of Operators Confident of Expansion

Battlefield Operators are confident of expansion next year. In fact 84% of clients were confident or very confident that their business would expand next year, this was up on last year's survey which showed that 77% were confident or very confident of expansion.  

Exactly 85% of Battlefield Operators entertained players aged between 8 to 15, with the most popular age group being 10 to 11.  

What the Battlefield Operators Said

"Love your products and customer service! Right from Day One, you could turn the key and go. The service has been excellent, however and your staff have been very helpful! The guns look and feel good. The targeting is spot-on. The game play - especially with the Domination Box! - can be tailored to a variety of groups. Overall, just great quality! Great job! Everybody loves it! Easily one of the best investments our church has made for our youth!" Barry, Wisconsin USA

"Keep up the good work and thankyou for listening to customers ideas and taking some of those things on board. The products are robust and locally manufactured. The service is very quick. Great service, friendly staff, timely feedback, great products (I have guns that are older than 10 years and still going strong)" Robyn, Goombungee. 

"Great equipment and great support. I like the laser tag equipment's longevity." Scott, Jamaica.

"If you'd like to own your very own fun and rewarding business, it's easy to do with Battlefield Sports. It just works! Hassle free and if I have any troubles, I always have your friendly team to contact for help :) Just thanks a million :) We love our little business and appreciate you!" Michelle, Brisbane Australia. 

"This is a Brilliant concept and desirable product" Lynn Kent UK 

"Battlefield Sports is a Top rated supplier of red hot equiptment. The best thing i like is the Ease of use, and fantastic back up" Aaron, Victoria. 

"I like the this laser tag is highly reliable. I also like the Reliability and flexibility of equipment. Keep up the good work" Joshua, NSW Australia

"This is an excellent product, keep up the great work." Alan, Wales UK 

"Battlefield Sports offers good and solid equipment. I like the ease of the use of the weapons, and the easy replacement of parts. Keep up the good work" Hans, the Netherlands 

"This is the Best laser tag equipment in the world. Battlefield Sports is Doing a great job!" Mike, USA 

"I like the simplicity of operation. Battlefield Sports offers Great equipment. This is a great business concept," Renar, South Africa 

"Great product and after sale service . They've been really reliable and offer a lot of versatility. Great feedback on guns for participants as they play" Derek, South Australia. 

"The customers love Battlefield Sports equipment because it feels like what they imagine in their mind when they dream of adventure. Ilike that you innovate not just the technology but methods and ideas to run our businesses." Joel, Idaho USA

A Big Thank You

Thank you to all the battlefield business operators who took the time to give us your feedback.

We look forward to incorporating your feedback to making even better product and services for you next year.