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Top Gear Goes [Battlefield] LIVE

The United Kingdom crew were commissioned by the Top Gear LIVE show to create some bespoke gaming guns to simulate an exciting sniper stunt.

In the show, snipers from the British military used replica SA80s to shoot at Clarkson and The Stig.

The team rigged up customized harnesses and helmets which registered direct hits from the weapons.

The shows producers synced in pyrotechnics and sound effects every time the snipers fired a shot.

The stunt mimicked a 2004 episode from the Top Gear television show in which Clarkson tried to evade sniper fire from the Irish Guards while driving a Mercedes SLK55 AMG and a Porsche Boxster S.

But in the live show, while the Stig tried to escape the snipers in a Caterhamsports car, Clarkson found himself in a convertible electric G-Wiz car – which ran out of power.

The snipers' scores were shown on a giant display board, allowing the audience to delight every time Clarkson took a hit.

"You can't use blanks [in a live show] so the only alternative was to use electronic simulation, so we have created some bespoke props."

He said the company had only three weeks to create the props. The equipment uses the Battlefield LIVE SATR system at its core, but is housed in a bespoke case and features extra sensors.

He said: "It was a great privilege to work with Top Gear Live and we look forward to other projects."

The Top Gear Live show is now going to Helsinki and Moscow.

Watch the video (from about 4:30 minutes into it).