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Top 5 Battlefield Blogs For 2015

Here Are The Top 5 News Blogs For Battlefield Operators

top 5 blogs for 2015This year has been a big one for Battlefield Sports and we would like to thank you for your loyalty and support. Here are the top five news blogs of 2015 from Battlefield Sports.

Listed from the fifth most popular through to the most popular blog post.

mini scorpion

Number 5 Top Blog Post

Launch of the New Mini Scorpion

This year we launched the All-New Mini Scorpion. Battlefield Operators were excited to get introduced to a new light-weight metal gaming gun.

new p90 gaming gun model

Number 4 Top Blog Post

New P90 is Ready for Duty

Although we launched the new model P90 a little while back, visitors to the Battlefield Blog still love the Personal Defence Weapon. The new P90 expands upon the already proven designs & focuses these features into a gaming gun that is ready for duty.

zombie domination game - laser tag

Number 3 Top Blog Post

Zombie Domination Game

Ever Popular: Zombie Games! This is your final stand against the Zombie horde. Battlefield UNDEAD Domination game.

how much to charge for a laser tag ticket

Number 2 Top Blog Post

How much to charge for a laser tag ticket

In order for your Battlefield Business to be sustainable you need to price your tickets for profit.

sten gun - aftermarket gaming gun

The Most Popular Blog Post in 2015 

Aftermarket Perks - the WW2 Sten Gun

One of the perks with the patented SATR system is the after market props, everyone loves the STEN GUN