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Top 3 New Years Resolutions For Your Small Business

Top Three New Year's Resolutions For Your Battlefield Business

Every New Year's Eve (or each January) Battlefield Operators make a list of New Year's Resolutions to help them plan a better business and family life for the coming year. This year it is no different.

new years resolutions for small business 2016The first step in realizing your New Year's Resolutions is to really galvanize them by writing them down. So get out your old school pencil and paper (or your NOTES in your iPad or iPhone for the more modern amongst us!) and start planning.

New Year's is the perfect time to review Your Battlefield Business goals and define new ones.

New Year's Resolution Number 1. Refresh Your Web Site

Take a look at the content on your web site, is it up-to-date? Is it still accurate? You might have raised your prices in the new year, so make sure the content on your web site matches your advertised ticket price. While you are at it, take another look at the content on your web site, make sure that all the images and text on your web site is coherent with your Battlefield Theme.

Consider which is your overriding theme, or genre, are you focusing on:

  • Battlefield TAG (family friendly laser tag)
  • Battlefield LIVE (hard core milsim)
  • Battlefield UNDEAD (zombies!)
  • or any one of our 12 Genres or gaming themes. 

Whichever one is yours, stay ahead to your competition by ensuring your web site is "mobile friendly" and easy to navigate. Make sure that your web site content and other marketing collateral says what you really what them to say.

New Year's Resolution Number 2. Appreciate Your Customers

Take stock of how you've done in Your Battlefield Business - has it met your expectations? One year is ending and another is just beginning, it is a perfect time for you to take stock of your small business and see all that you have accomplished.

Just think about it. How many kids have you entertained this year for their birthday? How many sports teams have your helped celebrate their end of season break-up day? How many youth groups or Church clubs have you help bring a sense of fellowship to one-another. These sort of things cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Rather, it is more about the numbers of happy memories that Your Battlefield Business has brought to your local community.

We've found in our local business that many customers love the experience so much that they re-book year after year. So appreciate your customers, each one of them are like a little gold nugget.

Where you can personalize your customer’s interaction with Your Battlefield Business. For example the "Battlefield HQ" software is helpful keep a track of how many times a customer has re-booked, and what they booked in for last time. For example Helen phones in, you can say "Hey, I see that you booked in for Michael's 11th birthday last time, is he 12 already?".

Customers are likely to be impressed, so they might well tell their friends about their experience.

New Year's Resolution Number 3. Keep Learning

A new year means a fresh start. If you review your past goals and perhaps re-set them, this can give you the impetus for developing new strategies and tactics that can help Your Battlefield Business grow and help your local community.

Resolve to learn one new thing every week this year. Just one thing that will benefit your business or your family or your community.

New Year's Resolutions 

Whether you are someone who makes (or breaks) New Year's resolutions focusing on just 3 things this New Year's, in 2016 might just help Your Battlefield Business to kick start or re-launch your business goals. You decide. New Year's Resolutions can benefit for Your Battlefield Business, your family and your community.

Make this year your opportunity to not only to survive, but to thrive!