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The Wait Is Almost Over: New "Blaster" Coming Soon

The Wait is Almost Over: Announcing the New Model "Blaster" 

Since starting commercial laser tag in 1999 the team at Battlefield Sports has had a mission to experience a video game, live.

Our vision is to help Battlefield Operators start and expand their own battlefield businesses all across the globe. Our team believe in continuous innovation. And this year we are proud to launch a highly anticipated new model called the “Blaster”. 

blaster coming soon

Battlefield Sports prides itself on its flexibility of its gaming platform. Offers different themes from Battlefield LIVE for milsim gamers, to Battlefield TAG for family friendly laser tag, and Battlefield UNDEAD for zombie game lovers! 

This new hybrid unit is highly adaptable. It is constructed with both poly-carbonate and metal. The robust handle can be removed to create a “SATR AIR” model so battlefield operators and gamers alike can attach the unit to their own airsoft rifle. 

This new model is ultra-compact and weather resistant. One of the ways we have kept this unit ultra-compact is including a lighter battery. The battery is a 7.4V 2200mAh Li-ion battery pack (please note it needs a different battery charger from the NiMH batteries). 

This new model brings a new generation of innovations including, just like a camera, the ability of the standard front lens tube to be unscrewed and replaced with a sniper lens tube. 

The Blaster includes the advance capabilities of the award-winning Battlefield Sports series of modern gaming guns.

Designed and made in Australia, the new Blaster is brand new. The Blaster features, as standard, the Predator Targeting System and the patented SATR2 system. The new Blaster features 40mm mylar speaker, a 40mm Lens which can be switched out with a Sniper Lens. The new Blaster features a fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body with an aluminum alloy handle with a steel spine for strength. 

“We are offering a compact model with proven technology. We are confident that this new Blaster will be popular” she said. “The Blaster epitomizes the best elements of the Battlefield sports gaming gun DNA.” 

Complete the web form below to register your interest and we will send you the new model's brochure.