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Telstra Business Women’s Awards Alumni Survey 2015

Telstra Business Women’s Awards Alumni Survey 2015

Nicole Lander, co-Founder of Battlefield Sports was amongst a group of leading Australian business women invited to participate in a national survey recently.

international women's dayThe national survey found that stopping domestic violence against women is the top priority for women in Australia in 2015.

Telstra Business Women’s Awards Alumni were asked to rank six named issues or choose another to find what should be this year’s top priority.

The 409 survey respondents ranked stopping domestic violence against women as top priority, followed by supporting women to pursue leadership roles (2), achieving gender pay equity (3), eliminating existing gender stereotypes (4), encouraging more young women to explore non-traditional female careers (5) and encouraging more men to equally share family responsibilities (6).

  • Among those who chose stopping domestic violence as a priority, 50 per cent ranked it highest, 21 per cent put it second, 13 per cent third and 9 per cent fourth.
  • 28 per cent of women ranked supporting women in leadership roles as top priority, 26 per cent second, 18 per cent third and 13 per cent fourth.
  • Gender pay equity also ranked highly, with 9 per cent choosing it as top priority, 29 per cent second, 28 per cent third and 16 per cent fourth.

The business women were also asked to name what actions they’d personally take in 2015 to help advance women’s equality.

  • Forty-four per cent said they would take action to influence men to help advance women’s equality while 68 per cent said they would more actively network with other women.
  • Fifty per cent said they would become a mentor to young business women while 48 per cent said they would increase the number of women they mentor.

Finally, the survey, conducted in the lead up to International Women’s Day on 8 March, asked for a single response to the question “behind every successful business woman is?”

The most common answers were supportive family and friends, followed by a great team, determination/drive, self-belief, hard work, passion and a mentor.

Here at Battlefield Sports Nicole is lucky to have a supportive family and great friends as well as a terrific team. And of course there has been a lot of hard work and passion to make Battlefield Sports the success it is today.