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Sound Effects Offer Hit-Feedback in SATR

Hit-Feedback with Sound Effects in the SATR system

SATR, which stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver, is world famous for its instant hit feedback in any terrain. SATR works peer-to-peer so there is no central computer. Gamers use sound effects to tell if they have shot their opponent.

laser tag SFXOn boot up a Battlefield Operator can disable the voice feedback sound effects in the SATR system. A battlefield operator might want to do this because they are running a night fighting mission or a stealth mission and want to make it hard for the op-for to locate a gamer’s position. Gamers can still get hit-feedback via light effects, read about this feature click here.

Sound effect feedback is one of the elements in our patent. The technology is patented in Australia and the USA, and notice has been given of the intention to grant a patent in the EU/UK.

Sound Effect Feedback: Here’s How it Works

In a standard playing mode when a gamer shoots another player the a sound effect will be issued by the gaming guns' speaker to indicate you’ve got them.

When a gamer pulls the trigger the gaming gun emits an infra red pulse, its light emitting diode (LED) transmits the pulse towards the oppositions gamer's sensors.

The infra red pulse is unique to SATR.

The SATR sensor receiver in the opposition's gaming gun recognizes the pattern and causes the device to respond - either registering a hit or a kill.

laser tag system speaker This infrared signal works line-of-sight. So gamers need to aim.

With our special SFX a gamer knows when they’ve made a hit.

  • When a gamer hits an opponent but doesn't kill them, depending on the Language the SFX will say in English "Tagged" or "Casualty" or the equivalent word in 12 other languages.
  • When a gamer hits an opponent and takes their last Hit Point, depending on the language setting the SFX will say "Deactivated" or "Kill Confirmed" or the equivalent words in 12 other languages.
  • If a gamer hits an opponent whose gaming gun is already deactivated the SFX will be "Deactivated Already" or "Already Dead" or the equivalent words in 12 other languages.