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Something new for Haunted Houses, Haunted Hayrides & Scare Parks

Ahoy Adventurers! A New Interactive Haunted House Experience

A door slams. A young girl shrieks. Something too close unleashes a guttural scream. All sound effects familiar with the standard haunted house. 

Haunted houses used to be simply a haunted attraction that took place indoors. Visitors experienced intense animatronics, frightening set pieces, fog, and scary music with costumed actors with elaborate zombie makeup to create scenes of terror. Patrons generally ran through scared out of their wits.

But this year, there is a new thrill on the block.

With Battlefield UNDEAD you can create a haunted house where YOU get to fight back. This time you have a gaming gun in hand and you the gamer are ready to defend yourself against the hordes of horror.

Now you can take your scare experience to another level with the "haunted experience".

The haunted experience is a relatively new type of haunted attraction that combines the concept of a haunted house with something like laser tag but with a zombie theme. With the popularity of TV Shows like "The Walking Dead" and the "Game of Thrones" zombies are the "in-thing".

A haunted experience can be played either indoors in a traditional haunted house or outside in a haunted forest or hayride trail.

The latest innovation in family entertainment centers during late September, October and early November FECs are converting into a Haunted Entertainment Centers.  

Battlefield UNDEAD

zombie laser tag With Battlefield UNDEAD this is a live-action video game where the gamer becomes the hero. Driving back a horde of zombies, gamers get to play "for real".

Imagine an attraction with zombie slash humans and go on a kill-crazy rampage. Your customers (aka Heroes) need to protect and save the world.

This is where the dead, not-so-dead and undead battle with the hero survivors.

This is a twist from the standard haunted house attraction.

Ok but how to start?

The crew at Battlefield Sports have designed a package for haunted houses, corn mazes and the like to get a thrilling zombie attraction without spending a truck load of money.

Click here to see the package

We also have specially designed zombie laser tag games "heroes versus the zombie horde".