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SATR 2.0 Launch

T-Minus # & counting: SATR2.0 is about to Launch & You're Invited

** SATR2.0 has now launched ** Read the Latest, click here

In fact SATR3 has just launched, read all about it. 

‚ÄčThe Launch of SATR2

The countdown is on to the official launch of the new version of SATR - SATR 2.0.satr 2.0

Battlefield Sports is proud to announce the launch of the next generation of its flagship system with the introduction of SATR 2.0.

SATR 2.0 is built on the excitement of its first generation technology and re-invents itself with even more flexibility.

SATR stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver and is a laser tag system that amplifies game-play.

Peter Lander inventor of SATR and Founder of Battlefield Sports says that SATR 2.0 has retained the functionality of the original product but takes its benefits for battlefield operators to the next level.

“We have re-engineered our software from the firmware level all the way to the user interface,” he said.

"We have listened to the feedback from Battlefield Operators and incorporated into the new system what they needed and wanted," he said.

“In doing so we’ve created a solution that’s truly feature rich, leveraging the best of our 'what you see if what you get' philosophy and delivering significant business benefits to our customers for many years to come.”

There are many cool new features such as the mystery box.images of SATR 2.0

“It is a game-changer,” he said.


SATR 2.0 New Features



Mystery Box

A mystery box causes the gaming gun to receive a new random weapon emulation. The box can be set to provide a new random weapon emulation from within the current gun class or a random emulation from all 69 different weapon emulations. Changes made to the emulation are temporary and are not retained between mission starts.

Domination Box

In Laser Tag language setting, the domination box will now say if announcements are enabled, “Red team in control” and “Blue team in control”. 2.0 has the features introduced in 1.6.5 code the enable the box to announce which team is in charge at regular intervals.

Master Controller sub menus

The master controller commands have now been moved into sub menus split into the categories of IR Commands, RF Commands, Settings and Testing.

Cure Box

This cures the infection of a survivor. Infections happen when a survivor is hit by a Zombie and the Survivor is in Apocalypse mode.

Armor Box

Provides new maximum hit points which also results in the current hit points being changed.   Typically an armour box provides an extra couple of hit points simulating the addition of body armour.

Team setting in Locked mode

A master controller in Lock Mode, will now allow the user to change the team settings.

Weapon Box

The idea of the weapon box is when the players reach a box, they can upgrade their weapon emulation. What weapon they get is specified by the directing staff before the mission starts.

Code Version

The version number of code loaded is now shown on the boot screen of all devices

Domination Box control SFX

Each team now has a different sound effect indicating that the player has captured the domination box.

Master Controller->Gun Class

The master controller can now change the gun class of all target gaming guns.

Master Controller->Language

The language of target gaming guns can now be configured with a master controller

Master Controller->Indoor/Outdoor

To ease transition from indoor to outdoor play and back again, the master controller now allows the indoor/outdoor modes to be set.

Master Controller -> Mystery

The master controller can issue a mystery command just like a mystery box.


SATR 2.0 Road Show

SATR 2.0 will be officially launched in Brisbane in February with roll outs in the UK and USA in March 2014.

The first event is as follows.

Battlefield Operators' Road-Show
Date & Time: 9am – 5pm, Wednesday 26th February, 2014
Venue: 1/6 Graham St, Underwood 

The seminar will run through all the new features of SATR 2.0 as well as the latest strategies to boost sales via Social Media and other marketing tactics. 

As you know it normally it costs $50 per unit to upgrade but if you attend the Battlefield Operators’ Road-Show you get a special deal. Your ticket price will cover the cost of your upgrade. Just bring your motherboard including SD card (please note this board needs to be working order and removed from the gaming gun). Please note of course you need to bring along a genuine Battlefield Sports board, not a cheap imitation. And we will upgrade your gear while you are at the seminar. Your special price is only $15per unit to upgrade.  I’d like to sweeten the deal for you too, with each registration I’ll include a free copy of our new Clan War Software called “Sway-zo”. Here is an incentive to get in quick, register by January 31st 2014 and we’ll drop the price to a rock-bottom $10per unit.


Click here to register.