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Running a Mobile Laser Tag Business

Running a Mobile Laser tag Business – Useful Software

The latest Battlefield Sports software, SATR, helps Battlefield Operators run their mobile laser tag business.

SATR2.0y offers some useful features such as the new “Spare Device” setting. For anyone running a mobile laser tag or rental business the “Spare Device” software setting takes a lot of the headache out of running an event.

The SATR Spare Device automatically uses the “Laser Tag” language i.e. the gaming guns give you the real-time hit-feedback when you got an opponent by issuing a sound effect “Tagged” and when you’ve killed them the gaming guns sound effects is “Deactivated”. 

It is also great if you want to minimise staff training and potential errors. This is really useful if you have junior assistants.

The Lock-Out Mode is “set and forget”. In other words Battlefield Operators literally turn the gaming guns one with a key, no need to push a button or complete complicated central computer set up. No way! You are ready to play.

The units will remember what setting they were set to last time so setting up for a mobile laser tag event is fast. Better still, junior staff or gamers cannot access the settings.

Picture this Scene For Your Mobile Laser Tag Business

capture the flag - mobile laser tagImagine this: You are running a festival or village fair. You have 24 Cobra gaming guns (12 on the red and 12 on the blue team) everyone is having fun. You have the gaming guns set to Battle 1, on Hard Mode with 3 Hit Points.  In preparation you’ve used the super easy set up with the Master Controller, simply zapping half the gaming guns as “Set Team Blue” and the other half as “Set Team Red”. This means that there is not no recoil emulation (red dot stays on all the time), gamers get unlimited reloads and automatic reloads, but the hit delay is reduced to 0.5 seconds. Experience has shown that 0.5 second hit delay is best for the Domination Game in close quarters games. This make your mission briefing super-fast.

You have your Domination Box in the middle of the playing area and a blue team medic box down one end and the red team medic the other. You have set up your inflatables in a dense (close together) maze so from one inflatable to the next is no more than a couple of yard gap. The two teams start out of sight on one another.

There are hundreds of kids queued up waiting for their 5 minute game. People are having fun. You are making money.

Then some of the Bravo Clan gamers start milling around their base camp. Something was up.

Turns out that the Blue Team Medic Box wasn’t charged. After an hour of gaming it was flat as a tack.

Step in the “Spare Device” to save the day!

The spare device mode lets Battlefield Operators select a limited list of options at boot up such as Red Team Phaser, Blue Team Phaser, Domination Box, Red Team Medic Box or Master Controller.

A battlefield operator literally turns on the spare device and runs through a series of options by pressing the red or black (up or down) buttons and when you see the device you’d like to use pull the trigger (which acts as an enter key) to lock in your choice.
The show must go on.

So the “Spare Device” is a great tool for running a Mobile Laser Tag business.

For more than a decade only Battlefield Sports™ have pushed the boundaries developing a range of electronic gaming equipment to suit your laser tag businesses across the globe. As the industry leader in Combat Entertainment we are dedicated to advancing Live-Gaming technology to enhance the way you operate your business, in particular for mobile laser tag.