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Run the Zombie Gauntlet

Run the Zombie Gauntlet this Halloween

zombie mellee headThe Zombie Gauntlet pack enables 6 “heroes” vs 9 “zombies” to experience a thrilling interactive event. Operators will need to have SATR 2.0y+ and an upgraded head sensor.

The zombies do not have gaming guns, instead they have the new melee zombie packs.

This can be issued to actors, or as many operators do for a discounted ticket price. (Some people love playing zombies!)

The Zombie Melee box that is secreted somewhere in the actor’s costume, and is attached with a sling or webbing or clipped onto a belt.

The normal curly cable goes up to the actor’s head and the new melee zombie pack actually “shoots” out of the zombies' head.

So if the zombies get close to the heroes then they can wound and even kill them.

Zombie set given 2HP and set on haunted mode (team B).

Operators can select to have the Zombie Sound Effects either turned on or off via software, on boot.

The heroes have to run the gauntlet. The get the thrill of experiencing a series of rooms or sections of forest.

Either Spitfires or Scorpions gaming guns are recommended to be issued to the heroes.

Heroes would start with 10HP and be set on battle mode (team A).

However if the operator has added in some in-game perks like an Armor Box then if the heroes get to the armor box they might get some extra hit points.

Or if they get to the Mystery Box then their weapon emulation might be upgraded (or downgraded).

Depending on the luck of the gamer!

zombie packzombie gauntlet