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Replay Magazine Showcases Laser Tag Systems

Replay Magazine in a Special Edition for the IAAPA Trade Show & Convention Showcase the Major Laser Tag Systems

replay magazine laser tag system showcaseWhile laser tag is far from new to the amusement industry, it’s evolved over the years more than many people know. It’s gone from a futuristic light show, coupled with hide and seek, to a legitimate, tactical experience for professionals and fun-seekers. It’s no longer just kids huddling in a corner hugging their sensors to avoid getting shot.

The companies profiled here, the majority of today’s system makers, represent the undeniable transformation that laser tag has gone through. Some offer the most state-of-the-art interactive arenas side-by-side with new, hyper-realistic phasers, while others offer support on the business management side. One thing is certain, though, they all are working to bring laser tag to new demographics, and help spread the joy of the game as the technology sits on a precipice of vaulting forward.

Battlefield Sports - Laser Tag System

  • Founded: 1999;
  • Battlefields: More than 480 customers worldwide
  • Business Models: indoor and outdoor, mobile and fixed venues

What Makes Them Unique:

"Our gear is flexible. Play inside or outside. Play at a fixed field or be 100% portable. Play with a hardcore military-sim theme or a light hearted family friendly theme or go horror with zombie games.

“Unlike paint ball guns or air soft guns, these gaming guns shoot high-powered infra red ‘ghost bullets.’ The patented technology emulates 69 different weapons. Battlefield Sports makes a variety of gaming gun cases, plus a master controller, a medic box and a claymore laser mine. The electronics are the same in every case, so any unit can be configured to be any one of the 69 weapons that SATR (small arms transmitter receiver) system emulates. This technology works peer-to-peer so there is no need for a central computer.
We have a variety of gaming gun models, so what you see is what you get. The sniper rifles shoot further than the small Sub Machine Guns.”

Battlefield Sports Equipment:

“This is not your Grandpa’s laser tag. Gamers get real time hit feedback with sound and light effects so they know when they successfully target an opposition player in just about any terrain. Today's gamers love video games such as Call of Duty, and with SATR 2, we enable them to play out scenarios with perks such as a Mystery Box. When a gamer reaches it they can receive a random upgrade (or download) to any of the 69 weapon emulations. It is a lot of fun.
“Our laser tag system does not need a vest. Because gamers nowadays are all different shapes and sizes we have a sensor on the barrel and two head sensors (front and back.)”

The Battlefield Arena:

“Battlefield LIVE is a team-oriented combat game that is played in a variety of different locations such as a forest, bush land, snow fields, around buildings, warehouses or purpose built battlefields. Further with Battlefield Sports’ equipment, the game can be completely mobile, so you can bring the entertainment right to your customer.”

Missions & Scenarios:

“At Battlefield Sports, we champion and inspire battlefield business owners to achieve their best through combat entertainment. It is what we do better than anyone else. We started with a few thousand dollars and an idea –– to take a video game and experience it live. Battlefield Sports has flourished into a multi-million dollar game inspired brand, with sales into more than 40 countries. We believe in ‘every game, every gamer’ –– so no matter if the Battlefield operator is from a busy theme park, an established indoor laser tag arena, planning a mobile business, or simply a group of buddies wanting to set up your own private club, we believe that every person who comes and plays at one of our battlefields should have a fantastic time.”

Source: Visit Replay Magazine to see the full laser tag system showcase, click here.