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Rainmaker Means Success

Rainmaker Bringing Success to the Netherlands

Jurjen Schipper works at Klok’Uus and loves Battlefield LIVE. Klok’Uus is based in 's-Heer Arendskerke which is within the town of Goes in the Netherlands. At Klok’Uus they do all kinds of groups at their venue and they play three days a week and also provide laser games on location.

“We have more than 40 gaming guns and more than 3 years of experience in repairs and playing games,” said Jurjen.

“We love doing it!” said Jurjen.Jurjen at the Battlefield

“I started to work at Klok’Uus to earn some money for while studying. Klok’Uus has a playground for children which includes entertaining kids with the laser tag equipment from Battlefield Sports. We also have full catering services. My mentor Marnus Lokerse is an expert at running birthday parties. It did not take long after I started as a laser game instructor (also called a Battlefield LIVE C.O.) that I learnt to work with the laser tag equipment and how to get the best experience out of the game,” said Jurjen.

“When my study was complete, I was still working as an instructor and I love to give the people excitement and joy in playing war games. (I still do!) I got an offer to work full time with Klok’Uus and I accepted this offer gladly. We recently went to a world trade day of Battlefield Sports where we saw more what we could do with Battlefield LIVE. I must say it is amazing and just great equipment to work with. We ordered more gaming guns to provide laser game on location to schools, camp grounds, and companies, what is running great!” said Jurjen.

Code Named Rainmaker

Just like in popular video games, many Battlefield LIVE C.O.s have their own codename. Jurjen’s is “Rainmaker”.

"I like the codename "Rainmaker" because most of the time when I run missions or live-plays it rains. But the gamers get a lot of fun out of it," said Jurjen.

Rainmaker is also an English idiom which means someone who is known for achieving excellent results in business.

Re-Sellers in the Netherlands

Jurjen is committed as an independent re-seller for Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment in the Netherlands. His team also offers service, repairs, and spare parts.

“When we got the chance to become independent resellers in the Netherlands, this opened for us a door to help others to know our success with Battlefield Sports. We are working hard to give the best experience and services possible and we love doing it! So thank you Peter and Nicole for your support and help to enable us to have this chance,” said Jurjen.

“We are here to help Battlefield Operators with any live gaming problem,” said Jurjen.

“We also provide training and support for Battlefield Operators so to get the most out of the Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment,” he said.

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