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Official Launch of SATR 2 in Australia

A Successful SATR 2 Launch in Brisbane

Yesterday at the Battlefield Operators Road-Show Brisbane, Battlefield Sports, the world’s leading live gaming equipment manufacturer, officially launched SATR 2 in Australia.

brisbane launch SATR SATR 2 is a new generation of technology that extends the company’s approach to thrilling gamer experiences with perks and improved Battlefield Operators' tools.

Battlefield Sports not only provides great gaming guns and technology, it is focused on the live game as the product.

Using the patented SATR 2 technology gamers get the thrill of real-time hit-feedback and now also get perks.

SATR 2 has received very positive early ratings.  

Karl Radford aka Phoenix from Roma in Queensland said "Popeye and Raptor and I have spent the day with the Battlefield Sports crew and we are very excited. THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING! Many thanks Peter & Nicole Lander, Canditta Natakuapa & Nick Grimwod from Battlefield Sports. Sooooooo much play testing to do!"

The Battlefield Sports team started their business back in 1999 because they believe in creating a stage for gamers to experience one of the most thrilling memories of their lives.

Continuous Innovation

The team believes in innovation.

game briefing Over the last 15 years Battlefield Sports has presented the market with award winning technology.

“Along the way we realized that when playing with our classic system gamers knew then they were getting hit but not neccessarily when they got the opposition. We turned that old laser tag paradigm on its head. Now with SATR gamers get real-time hit-feedback with sound and light effects so they know when they successfully target an opposition player in just about any terrain," said Battlefield Sports co-Founder Nicole Lander.

"Today's gamers love video games such as Call of Duty, and with SATR 2 we enable them to play out scenarios with perks such as a Mystery Box. When a gamer reaches a Mystery Box they can receive a random upgrade (or download) to any of the 69 weapon emulations. It is a lot of fun," she said.

The event had delegates from as far as Perth and Tasmania as well as locals from the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.

As well as getting a briefing on the patented technology and how it works, Battlefield Operators experienced the thrill hands-on in a game of Domination.

Operators also had the opportunity to bring their motherboards to the event and have their gear upgraded in a same-day service.

"Everything was well planned, flowing and focused. It was very welcoming, with great hospitality and a nice lunch too! I have even started writing up my action plan last night. Great event and thank you. Certainly worth the trip from Sydney to Brisbane," said Matthew Adisusila.

SATR 1 to SATR 2 same-day service"I was pleased to see a good size group in attendance. It was a good opportunity to network and I will keep in contact with those who I had discussions with. The conference content was quite good. I had a look at files on memory stick and was pleased to see Powerpoint files on there. The social media [session] was great. Summary: it was well worth it and thanks for putting it on," said Mark Fewtrell.

For more photos of the day, see our Facebook album.

The Road Show continues onto Oxford in the United Kingdom and St. Louis in the USA next month.