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Next Generation Scorpion Launched

The Mark 4 Scorpion Launched by Battlefield Sports - Sale Ends Soon!

Battlefield Sports revealed its next generation of the famous Scorpion Gaming Gun, the Mark 4 today. The Scorpion is a stalwart of the company's gaming gun arsenal.

This tournament grade gaming gun is designed for exceptional performance and durability.

This new model has been designed to deliver light weight, compact performance and an exciting new look at an affordable price.

"Battlefield Sports is offering gamers a new styling with the same functionality. We are pleased to provide the standard issue color of black, with optional red or blue models," said Nicole Lander, co-Founder, Battlefield Sports.

Designed and made in Australia, the new Scorpion is the fourth model in the history of the Scorpion nameplate.

The silhouette with its bent magazine housing remains.

This new model makes a bold statement in a compact body.

The Mark 4 Scorpion features, as standard, the Predator Targeting System and the patented SATR system.

The new Scorpion features an aluminium alloy body with a powered-coated finish and a custom trigger.

On Sale Now - Ends Soon

scorpion 2015The new Scorpion gaming gun model epitomizes Battlefield Sports's hallmarks of outstanding commercial vigor, quality, and gamer enthusiasm.

"The new Scorpion is all about fun, fast, and reliable performance for those looking to get started in a laser tag business or for Battlefield Operators seeking an affordable, dependable gaming gun to  expand their gaming arsenal," said Nicole.

"We are offering a progressive looking product backed by proven technology. We are confident that this new Scorpion gaming gun is going to turn some heads," she said.

"The Scorpion echoes the best elements of the Battlefield sports gaming gun DNA. It has great proportions with a low center of gravity so even the youngest gamers can handle it," she said.

Scorpion Mark 4

  • Fourth Generation of Battlefield Sports's signature gaming gun
  • 50% Deposit to Secure Your Order & Balance due when goods are ready
  • Featuring 50mm mylar speaker
  • Ship 5 - 6 Weeks
  • Featuring 40mm Lens
  • Latest SATR software version, as standard
  • CE & FCC Certification
  • Patented Technology.

Scorpion Gaming Gun Specification

  • Length – 30cm / 11¾” to orange tip to back (without tip – 26cm / 10¼” )
  • Height – 31cm / 12.2" from top of scope to bottom of mag (without red dot – 25cm / 9¾”)
  • Width – 5cm / 2”
  • Weight - 2.2kg / 4½ lbs.

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