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New Web Site Launched

Battlefield Sports, ( a live gaming company that makes laser tag equipment for businesses that want to leverage the thrill of video games, today announced the launch of an updated website.

battlefield sports web site The new website features brand new graphics which better showcase Battlefield Sports' gaming equipment and services.  

The website continues the firm's tradition of featuring high resolution graphics to really get an understanding of the live gaming products.

"Our previous site had worked well for us for a number of years, but we wanted to re-launch the web site with new graphics that showcased our new technology, such as our Zombie Games," said Nicole Lander, co-Founder of Battlefield Sports.

"Our new web site quickly engages the user with over-sized graphics and compelling calls to action."

"It also makes visitors to the web site aware of important facts including, our technology is patented and that we believe in creating a “stage” where people can experience thrilling and memorable times.”

About Battlefield Sports

Battlefield Sports strives to create the best times of a gamer's life by tapping into the thrill of first-person shooter games and Hollywood action blockbusters and experience them LIVE. Battlefield Sports is famous for creating Laser Skirmish and has sold into more than 40 countries.