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New Way to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

Drive YouTube subscriptions from your web site

Now you can build your YouTube audience directly from your web site. YouTube is an important social media channel for laser tag / Battlefield LIVE businesses, especially since our game translates well to film.

For example the official Battlefield Sports Youtube Channel has more than 25 new videos for battlefield operators.

The Battlefield LIVE YouTube has more than 190 video clips on its channel.

youtube channel subscribe button You can now embed the YouTube subscribe button on on a web page on your site.

This lets your fans subscribe with a single click without leaving your web site.

Once fans subscribe, they can see your channel on their YouTube homepage, phone, tablet, Playstation 3, smart TVs and millions of other devices.

To put the subscribe button on your site, just embed the code below like you’d embed a YouTube video.

<script src=""></script>
<div class="g-ytsubscribe" data-channel="Your Channel Name Here">

Or easier still just visit this page on Google's developers site and follow the simple instructions to pop a subscribe button on your web site.

To see an example of the new Youtube subscribe button on a web site, visit [here] to see the subscribe to YouTube button in action.