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New Software Release of SATR

Battlefield Sports, the live gaming company, announced today that they have a new demonstratable software release which offers a new way to experience the popular Domination Game.

The new release SATR 1.65a offers new functionality and sound effects.

Here is what is New

new software version The new SATR softare release means that the DOMINATION game is fully integrated into the SATR system domination box mode. The Domination Games is one of the most populare Battlefield LIVE games worldwide.

As is the case with any SATR device, any unit can be booted to act as a domination box as long as it has a sensor, LCD, hit light, board and switches.

The new battle box is ideal as it has a large bank of hit lights making it clear who is in control.

Now as well as the Light FX, there are also SFX.

So when the blue team takes control the box will issue the order "Bravo Team in Control" and when the red team counter-attack the box with say "Delta Team in Control". As will all of our SATR technology, the voice feedback is available in 11 languaages. Plus there is a custom slot to add your own language or sound effect.

satrThe improvement makes the game play better for the gamer. And the game is easier to run for the Battlefield Operator. These sound effect orders are be repeated every 15 seconds.

The Domination game plays well both indoors or outdoors.

"This is another exciting milestone for Battlefield Sports. We intend to continue this positive momentum by contining to focus our research and development on benefits to our Battlefield Operators, and Battlefield LIVE gamers," said Nicole Lander, co-Founder, Battlefield Sports.