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New SATR2 Software Release

New SATR2 Software Release - SATR 2.0y

new software release Battlefield Sports brings you the latest software release for SATR 2.0 – SATR 2.0y.

It offers the battlefield operators several new features for you:

  • Melee Zombies
  • Bug Fixes
  • Change Color via Master Controller
  • Spawn-Bot

Melee Zombies - Battlefield UNDEAD

SATR 2.0y now have enhanced Melee Zombies. Previously zombies had a stealth attack (where they didn't have to pull the trigger and therefore issue a SFX) once per second. This has been ramped up to 4 times per second.

Based on feedback from Haunted Attractions we now have Zombie Box functionality. This is so Zombies do not need to have a gaming gun. Rather they have a zombie box fitted on a belt or webbing.

For Haunted Houses or Attractions this can be incorporated into the actors' costumes.

We have produced a Head Sensor upgrade - the Zombie Head Sensor.

The blue hit light has been replaced infrared emitters. The new SATR 2.0y software now has Zombie Mêlée attack. This infrared is short range, wide-angle. It is designed as a mêlée attack so the range is only around 2 meters (6 feet).


Note that currently the SFX for a zombie tagging a gamer is “Brains” and deactivating one is “Brains! Brains” and if they tag a gamer who is already deactivated the SFX it issues is “Dead Already”. These sound effects can be customized at the factory. The customer can send us a WAV sound file and the production team will convert it into 11 kHz 8 bit mono to use in the SATR system.

Bug Fixes

Occasionally a Sub Machine Gun emulation would re-set to a MP5. This has been fixed. 

Likewise, the MG42 added back into the Master Controller menu list.

Change Color via Master Controller

Based on feedback from Battlefield Operators at the recent worldwide Road-Show tour now Operators can change the muzzle flash / high light color via the Controller.

There is a new menu on the Master Controller "colors". Muzzle Flash you can select Red or Blue or White or None. Hit Light you can select Red or Blue or None.

Default 1 = If the gaming gun is set to Team A then it will get will get a Red Hit Light and Red Muzzle Flash. And if a gaming gun is set to Team B then it will get a Blue Hit Light and Blue Muzzle Flash. Default 2 = opposite to the above.

NEW Spawn-Bot

This new feature enables auto-respawning. Now there is no need to press the button now to respawn.

Rather the gamer just needs to be in the vicinity of the Medic Box and they will automatically receive a respawn.