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New P90 is Ready for Duty

Battlefield Sports Launches New Flagship P90 Chassis

P90Battlefield Sports, the originator and worldwide leader in live gaming has announced the introduction of a new model for use in Battlefield LIVE games. This new product known as the P90 Mark II expands upon the company's already proven designs and focuses these features into a gaming gun that is ready for duty.

The P90 gaming gun has proven to be a favorite amongst gamers and battlefield operators alike. Favored by enthusiasts and hard-core gamers the P90 gaming gun is inspired by the original FN P90 personal defense weapon.

The new gaming gun case, or enclosure, houses the same innovative SATR digital technology designed for live gaming. Like its predecessor this latest model is fitted with an integrated red-dot scope for quick target acquisition.

The p90 Mark II incorporates many never before seen features to maximize this gaming gun's performance and amplify game-play.



Here's what's new:

  •         Red dot scope lowered for fast target acquisition and better aiming
  •         Lens housing is aluminum throughout for increased robustness
  •         Antenna bracket more slim-line for strength
  •         Handle is polyurethane and is lighter & stronger.

Devotees to indoor or outdoor Battlefield LIVE will want to get their hands on one of these.

The P90 Mark II continues the tradition of unrivaled gameplay and innovation that has made Battlefield Sports renowned for its engaging combat entertainment experiences.

"Battlefield Sports continues to set the benchmark for this generation of gaming guns," said Marketing C.O. Nicole Lander.

"The P90 Mark II is the perfect choice for live gaming enthusiasts and Battlefield LIVE operators as every feature of this gaming gun is designed to get a gamer on target and immersed into the game fast," said Ms. Lander.

"By choosing the P90 Mark II the Battlefield LIVE operator is making a smart choice -- giving their gamers the best technology available in a package that is user friendly and ready to go! Go! GO!" she said.P90 Mark ii side view

The P90 comes standard with the iconic Battlefield Sports predator muzzle flash.

The new generation P90 weight 3kg (6½ lbs) this is quite a bit lighter than the old P90 which was 3.2kg (7 lbs).

The new generation P90 was 53cm/20¾" is now even more compact at 52cm/20½" long.

The new generation P90 was 25cm/9¾" with the lowered red-dot scope is only 23cm/9" tall.

The new generation P90 remains 5cm/2" wide.

The three keys to the all-new P90 are power, innovation, and design. 

Though hardware tweaks have been made since its first iteration, its creator Peter Lander says the new P90 is a robust and futuristic looking gaming gun. Its compact design means that perfect for practical use for gaming indoors, especially for the popular zombie laser tag games.

The default color of the new P90 is hammerburst black powder-coat so it feels authentic.

The best choice for value within a budget.

The P90 Mark II is available exclusively through authorized Battlefield Sports re-sellers. Look for the Certificate of Authenticity.

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