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New Master Controller Launch

New Generation Master Controller

Portable Game Control Device

The Master Controller is your portable control device that allows the operator efficient and comprehensive control of the game. The Master Controller comes with a handy strap. The image shows the optional upgrade to the whip antenna.


Click here or on the main image to see the Master Controller specs, close-up. 

In SATR3 the Master Controller has four boot-up options for the controller, namely: 


  • Comprehensive Master Controller
  • Simple Master Controller
  • Workshop Master Controller
  • Themed Master Controller. 



master controller

Battlefield Sports has announced that its new generation Master Controller, its portable game controller.

This portable device consists of the Master Controller, mobile-class hardware internals, and optional sling.

Master ControllerIt runs the latest SATR gaming system.

In metric the Master Controller measures 265mm x 190mm (240 including antenna) x 525mm and weighs 1.5kg. In imperial it measures 11 1/2" x 7 1/2" (9 1/2" with antenna) x 2" and weighs 3 pounds.

The device uses the same battery (7.2 volt 4,000mAh re-chargeable) as most other gaming guns.

The default color is black.

Manufactured in Australia, the Battlefield Sports' Master Controller is a user-friendly product with simple styling. This device is designed for use by staff and coaches running Battlefield LIVE games.

"The Master Controller delivers exactly what battlefield operators have been asking for a robust, highly-functional controller with all the features of the SATR system," said Nicole Lander, co-Founder Battlefield Sports.

Like all Battlefield Sports laser tag models the Master Controller meets rigorous standards for durability and reliability.

Master Controller: You're In Control

The Master Controller has both infrared and digital radio functionality.

It performs many functions to control live game-play.

The Controller can time the games.

​For SATR3 Games can be as short as 1 minute or as long as 240 minutes. (For SATR2 timed games can be between 1 minute and 120 minutes.) 

The Master Controller can start/stop all gaming guns in a battle via digtal radio. Or it can kick-start a single unit via infrared.

The other Master Controller's primary function is to re-spawn (re-activate) "dead" gaming guns. The Controller counts the number of re-spawns.

As well the Controller can reload all spent ammo and counts the number of reloads.

Other SATR2 functionality includes:

•    Target reset (sets everything back to factory settings, except for language settings)
•    SET TEAM BLU & SET TEAM RED (in the laser tag theme re-sets each team to a specific set of settings) 
•    Kill (regardless of hit points reduces the unit to 0HP, i.e. zero hit points or "dead")
•    Test RF (tests an infrared sensor and the Radio feedback) 
•    Shoot (Shoots infrared, like a standard gaming gun)
•    Interrogate (targets a unit & sends back relevant statistics)
•    Set Health (configures units to a number of HP)
•    Set Difficulty (configures units to easy, standard or hard)
•    Set Weapons (set the weapon emulation by class)
•    SET GUN TIME (sets an individual time to a gaming gun)

While this model is a dedicated Master Controller device, any model using the SATR system can be configured to act as a Controller on boot-up.


Just uplooaded a new Facebook photo album with lots of photos of the new Master Controller, click here to see.

Contact your local consultant to see what the new Master Controller can do for your operation.