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National Laser Tag Day 2014

National Laser Tag Day

National Laser Tag Day posters The game "Laser Tag" is turning 30 years old and we are celebrating National Laser Tag on Friday March 28th, 2014. To commemorate this occasion here is a look-back at Battlefield Sports' original corporate video and what founder, Peter Lander had to say way back in 2002.


I became aware of combat sim games back in the early 1980s where I was involved in paintball. And then a bit later on with the indoor laser tag scene.

It really struck me, with my technology background, that we could use the gaming technology so much better. I formed a company in 1990 to investigate. But it wasn't until 1998 when the technology breakthrough made it possible to get extended range in daylight. That's when it really took off. We spent 2 years in Research & Development the technology and the equipment. But just as importantly we spent 2 years in R&D'ing the games and the best way to run this sort of operation. So to get the maximum enjoyment for everyone who plays.

This is, for me, a dream come true. It is a dream business. When I was young we used to throw stones at each other doing war-gaming. I used to do miniatures. Later on video games. Always trying to get to this point of doing Battlefield LIVE. Getting as close to combat, but still fun, safe and thrilling.

I used to work in a technology position. Exercise was an issue, you had to think about going down to the gym, having to try and fit it in around software programming. This is great. This is a lifestyle choice. You are out in the forest, in the open-air. You are exercising naturally. And I'm fitter now than ever I've been on my life because it is just part of what I do.  

national laser tag day Gamers come off the battlefield and they say to me "We had a great time!" and that makes me feel good about what we are doing. Many people have come up to me and ask "Do you get PAID to go this? This is so much fun!"

Because the equipment doesn't have a projectile you have a lot more flexibility in terms of venue (indoor or outdoor). This flexibility really helps in terms of the business case because you don't need to have your own arena or field, you can be mobile.

You can work with resorts. The resort books the corporate groups and we are another activities in their portfolio, on their list of activities. When they have a booking we turn up.

Do you what that means? That means low, low overheads. Because in business, and I've been in business a long time, large overheads is what kills you. Because if the sales go up and down (as they can do in any business) if you have low sales but high overheads you are doomed. The flexibility of this system because of the safety, because of the venue flexibility gives you a really strong business case. You can make profitable business on almost any turnover, be it part-time or full-time. Look carefully at the business-case.

See why this is better.  

There is a fantastic window of opportunity now. This thing is definitely going to keep growing. And it is going to grow  faster and faster. The key is to stake the marketing high-ground in your region. The first in is going to become synonymous with laser skirmish. You will build up a customer base. And from our experience a very loyal customer base.

You can have a great business and have a lot of fun at the same time, and really enjoy it.

That is part of being successful.

You won't be able to do any business long-term unless it is part of your life. And we certainly do that.

So jump on in, it is great!