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National Finalist in Endeavour Awards

Battlefield Sports has been selected as a finalist in this year’s national Endeavour Awards

Battlefield Sports’ laser tag equipment which features its patented SATR2 technology was selected in the Global Integration and Exporter of the Year categories of these prestigious awards.

exporter of the year finalist endeavour awards Hosted by Australia’s leading magazine for the manufacturing industry, Manufacturers’ Monthly, the Endeavour Awards program celebrates and recognizes the achievements of industry leaders in their drive to achieve excellence in manufacturing and seeks to inspire further innovation and success.

“With entertainment centers and theme parks looking for their next big attraction we are proud of our latest innovation being selected as a finalist. It is vindication of our manufacturing excellence,” said Nicole Lander, co-Founder, Battlefield Sports.

This is the 12th year that Manufacturers’ Monthly has organized the Endeavour Awards.

In 2015, 87 manufacturers from across the country entered the awards.

Entries were evaluated by an independent and respected panel of judges drawn from industry and academia.

The Endeavour Awards program celebrates and recognizes the achievements of industry leaders in their drive to achieve ‘best practice’ in manufacturing.

This year the competition was tough, and there were seven finalists in the exporter of the year category and only six finalists in the global integration category.

"We have finalists doing great things, the thing they all have in common is excellence," said Kevin Gomez, Managing Editor, Manufacturers’ Monthly.

Final winners will be announced at the award dinner which takes place on Thursday May 28th at the Crown Casino, Melbourne.

About Manufacturers Monthly

For over 52 years, Manufacturers’ Monthly has lead and informed Australia’s manufacturing industries with its highly credible editorial environment and its acclaimed analysis of issues affecting manufacturing. More info

About Battlefield Sports

Battlefield Sports is a world leader in the development and production of laser tag equipment for combat entertainment. Battlefield Sports™ makes patented SATR® laser tag equipment and writes unique battle missions. With millions of games played in more than 41 countries, it is headquartered in Australia and has agencies in the UK, the Netherlands, Chile, and in the USA. It has won numerous awards for excellence, including being named one of the Exporter of the Year (2011) and in the SMART 100 Most Innovative Products in the Nation (2014). With more than a decade of experience, the group is the pacesetter in the development combat entertainment systems. Battlefield Sports sells its gaming equipment to birthday parties businesses, theme parks and summer camps. For more information, please visit