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Lock n Load Annual 2014

Lock n Load Annual Edition 2014

lock n load annual Each year we celebrate our Battlefield Operators successes. This year is the Year of the Horse.

Feung shui expert and astrologer Richard Giles says it will be a fast acting year for everyone.

"In the Year of the Horse, people can act quickly and in terms of finance and money, people will be optimistic."

"It's one of those years where you can make decisions that are based on things that you have had germinating in your mind that you haven't yet done.

"This is the year to do it!"

Famous people born in the year of the horse include Oprah, Elvis, Janet Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood and Denzel Washington. 

"Overall it will be a great year," said Mr Giles.

As reported by ABC.


We present you with this year's Lock n Load Annual.

Download your copy of the fresh edition of the Lock n Load Annual.

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