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Laser Gaming: the Keys to Success

Laser Gaming: Keys to Your Success

new battlefield operators event An Event Sponsored by Battlefield Sports

Presented by Peter Lander, Owner and Founder of Battlefield Sports. Don’t miss this chance to learn the most important basics for getting started, running events and avoiding start-up difficulties as presented by gaming guru Peter Lander.

Find out the Keys to Success

  1. The keys to success in a mobile, indoor or outdoor gaming business - Business Success Factors
  2. What to do for a location?
  3. How to determine the layout and size for indoor and outdoor gaming
  4. What options are available for running the most popular games?
  5. How to kick-off your Business with a Bang!
  6. Future innovations
  7. How to avoid bad advice that will hurt your business
  8. Get assistance on who are the customers that can “Show you the Money”


Event Details

Peter Lander and Nicole Lander

Where:  The Hyatt at the Arch, 315 Chestnut, St. Louis
When:  Sunday, March 23rd, 1 pm to 5 pm
How much:  $75 or no charge to HAA Show attendees

More Info? Call 213-595-6125 or 818-567-1601

How to reserve a seat: Click here to register for the NEW Operators' Event in St. Louis.

About Peter Lander

Peter is the visionary behind today’s Battlefield Sports concept. Peter has an obsession with military simulations, video and live action gaming, he has created a brand new kind of recreation phenomenon. Peter is a gamer, an entrepreneur, and the Founder of Battlefield Sports. Peter is an acknowledged guru in the gaming world, and can today draw on two decades of experience.

Peter has drawn on his tertiary qualifications—Bachelor of Applied Science (Computers), Queensland University of Technology—and business acumen to found a brand new active recreation phenomenon, Battlefield LIVE. peter lander and nicole lander Peter has extensive experience in the management of various diverse businesses including as the IT Director of his own custom software development company to benefit Battlefield Sports. Peter has a background in professional sports coaching. Peter’s sports, education, and computer experience, plus a passion for games have all been vital for the development of Battlefield LIVE. Today, Peter has realized his lifelong passion, the commercialization of live role‐playing games and is now the world expert in Battlefield LIVE mission design. His business has been honored with many awards, including the Exporter of the Year (Arts/Entertainment) and, won the Australian Technology Showcases’ Member of the Year award.

He continues to develop his understanding of the unique DNA code of the Battlefield LIVE business, and plans to continue developing and refining this experience over the years to come. As the founder of this new phenomenon in live gaming, Peter has been featured on prime time national TV programs, including Getaway, Queensland Escapes, Gold Coast Weekender and Brisbane Extra.