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Knotts Scary Farm Kills Halloween

Knott's Scary Farm Kills Halloween with Special Ops Infected

Knott's Scary Farm devotees have been treated to a new macabre and frenzied experience which launched in October 2014.

Today's Halloween entertainment is more and more competitive so Knott's Scary Farm turned to some new terrors to stay ahead of the game.

This year, Knott’s Scary Farm introduced a new concept called “Special Ops Infected.”

The story is that zombies have invaded the Camp Snoopy area.

Zombie Area of Operations - Battlefield UNDEAD

A large area of operations (AO) within Knott’s Scary Farm has been infected by Zombies.

Knott's visitors enlist and enter into the area via either Outpost Bravo or Outpost Alpha.

These two outposts have been set up to contain the zombies.

A Special Ops Unit keeps a perimeter around the area and leads those with reservations into the area to “take out the zombies” and rescue trapped personnel.

The units take no more than 10 people as “enlistees” at a time.

Once checked in, each “enlistee” is given a gaming gun and instructed to only shoot at the zombies’ heads.

​Watch the Video Review of the Special Ops Infected

​This video has been viewed more than 40,000 times. Check it out. 
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The 2014 Halloween Season's entertainment is powered by the patented SATR (small arms transmitter receiver) technology from Battlefield Sports.

In the video you can see that the gamers know when they have shot a zombie. This is an interactive experience. 

This zombie game is tough because the Spec Ops Infected the zombies come back to life.

These zombies are brutal they can attack unwary gamers.

Once inside, the patrol leaders guide the gamers through the terror. Each group must perform certain functions at several outposts within the infected area, sometimes with bad results.

"Spec Ops Infected is total immersion into the zombie apocalypse. We give you a gun and test your survival skills. Infected spans a 6 acre area and has about 135 zombies lurking in the fog waiting for you. It is by far the biggest maze, the biggest scare zone with those numbers," said Jon Cooke.

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