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Introducing Captain Jack

Welcome to Battlefield Sports South American Re-Seller

One of the fun things we do here at Battlefield Sports is give everyone a Code Name. Carlos Araya Mackenney, your South American Battlefield Sports re-seller is known as “Instructor Jack” or "Captain Jack".

Carlos was originally a software engineer. He worked for several years leading Electrical Substations Automation Projects in many countries across America.

“The problem wasn’t the machines, the challenge was the people”, said Carlos.

Introducing Captain Jack SparrowDifferent cultures and various languages could sometimes create challenges in the workplace.  

When Carlos found a “simulated combat game” in Battlefield LIVE he saw the answer to promote the team work and leadership.

“You cannot lie under fire, the people are as real as they are. There is no social performance. Just the simple truth," he said.

“When you can make a real simulation, the players, not only enjoy the game, also you can know the real personality and capabilities of the player.”

This fast and accurate vision of a person is valuable information for a leader.

“The game of Battlefield LIVE is great because you can really know your staff," he said.

Captain Jack's Repertoire

Now, in Battlefield LIVE Chile, "Captain Jack" is working with many companies in coaching:

  • leadership
  • team work
  • internal conflict solutions
  • changing situations and
  • other issues with successful results.

Before each Batlefield LIVE event he carefully prepares a scenario at his Chilean Base of Operations in Santiago.

“The player must feel they are under fire in a combat field," he said.

Also, Battlefield LIVE Chile has entertained kids for celebrations, college parties and birthdays.

With the staff psychologists, the team teaches kids to protect themveles and how to work together in “battle”. Communication, collaboration, and team work are all valuable lessons for the future. Lesson are easy to learn when under the umbrella of the game.

Battlefiedl LIVE Chile also has a successful summer camp for kids and youths.

“Our new project is make new combat mission in an anti-bullying work, with the help and partnership of several schools, his teachers and psychologists,” he said.

Carlos is now dedicated full time to Battlefield activities, and is ably helped by his wife Sylvia, his partner and by a team of professional sports teachers, military instructors and psychologists.

Carlos is keen to help south american business owners incorporate Battlefield LIVE games into their Summer Camps. To get in contact with Carlos, simply email him.