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Teambuilding Activities for Very Large Groups

Fun Team Building Activities for Very Large Groups

Get meeting guests moving with a new interactive teambuilding activity that is designed to cater for very large groups. Battlefield Live inspires bonding and strategic thinking and gives participants a healthy dose of adrenaline.

teambuilding activities for large groups Resorts around the world are booking in outdoor laser tag to entertain their guests. Jewel Runaway Bay Resort in the West Indies and Thunderbird Park on the Gold Coast in Australia are two innovative organizations offering teambuilding activities that go from the boardroom to the war room with outdoor laser tag.

The activity lasts two and a half to half a day this teambuilding exercise get everyone involved. While this activity can cater for groups as small as 20 people, its forte is entertaining very large groups.

The crew at Battlefield LIVE regularly run events for 100 players at a time. The team have even run special events for groups up of 280 simultaneously.

Teambuilding activities often cater for small groups between 8 and 20. Whereas it can be challenging to find an activity that suits very large groups and suits people of differing skill and fitness level.

Outdoor laser tag is a great solution.

"We recently ran a special event for Microsoft's Tech Ed where 80 IT workers navigated their way through our created maze in order to tag the opposition's team and tag the "Domination Box". The team which controlled the Domination Box for the longest duration, won," said Nicole Lander, Marketing C.O. Battlefield Live.

"We also have run a family fun day for Coca Cola several years running. As well being a very large group wanting an inclusive activity, the Coke management chose us because we were a family friendly activity," said Nicole.  

team building for very large groups

What's Involved in Laser Tag Teambuilding for Very Large Groups?

Groups can participate in an adventurous laser skirmish challenge. One terrific conference venue which is perfect for very large groups is Thunderbird Park. Its battlefield is spread over several acres of rainforest, The team building course is set with a mock village, a black fort, bridges and other obstacles.

Gamers arrive and are given a Mission Briefing from their C.O. Then we run a series of short missions, usually two 15 minute games, with an interval so the gamers can catch their breath and grab a quick drink. Then we run another two 15 minute games. The series of games can be shorter or longer depending on the clients' teambuilding objectives.

The activity tests communication, strategy and team work. Gamers can play at their own agility level either walking stealthily or testing their agility and speed.

Pictured above, part of a group from Jewel Runaway Bay Resort in Jamaica and a large group participating in an activity at Battlezone, Australia.