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Indoor Laser Tag Arena

HANOI, VEITNAM: “Papa, can you rent me a warehouse?”
“Ummm, why son?”
“I’d like to build a laser tag center.”

This was the actual conversation between Stanley and his son, Taiga, on the way from the airport to their  new home in Hanoi, Vietnam last August (2011). Stanley's family had visited only a couple months prior to the big move and his kids left with the distinct impression that Hanoi lacked the excitement they craved.

the Laser Tag kidStanley sat in the car thinking over his son’s request and realized that it was a pretty good idea.

With 15% of the local population being teenagers with expendable cash, it didn’t take long to round up investors for a new concept in Vietnam.

A year later, his business partners and Stanley opened Hanoi’s first full on laser tag arena, café and private party zone called “X-Factory”.

In June they rented a small warehouse. They adopted a chemical plant and laboratory motif and then went crazy with the design and service concept.

The indoor laser tag arena features a 7 meter chemical tanker truck dropping through our café ceiling and an insane glowing motorcyclist ripping out of a post-apocalyptic mural in the arena.

Space is tight in the arena at 16 meters by 20 meters, so the team designed a two layer arena and scaled down the total player numbers to a maximum of 16.
To make certain it worked, the X-Factory team tested the concept and their new Battlefield Sports Scorpions with a group of U.S. Marines stationed with the Embassy — Marine tested!

Core to their business model is a desire to set the bar on game play, customer service, equipment and facilities so high that X-Factory becomes the benchmark for extreme sports in Vietnam.

"We could have gone with cheaper Chinese equipment but the Battlefield Sports units give us the shock and awe factor that matches our business model," said Stanley.

"We needed robust world class equipment and refused to settle for second best," he said.

STAR was the perfect choice because the hit-feedback also speaks Vietnamese.

They have had 19,000 visits just this month to their Vietnamese Facebook site.

Their English site opens in  November.

Stanley says: "Our slogan is: “X-Factory, Say NO to Boredom!”