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In-Game Perks: Armor Box

Battlefield Sports' SATR offers In-Game Perks: the Armor Box

The Armor box gives you as the Battlefield Operator, as well as live gamers, the opportunity to run more advanced scenarios and do this with a minimum level of staffing requirement.  

Battlefield Sports’ goal is to continually improve the gamer experience while also driving down cost of operations.

SATR, stands for "Small Arms Transmitter Receiver," enables gamers to play out live-action missions, these missions can be themed such as a zombie scenario or a battle scenario.

For a challenging scenario game gamers can incorporate the in-game perk the "armor box".

armor box An armor box is used to provide a hit point (or health) upgrade to simulate armor i.e. a covering that is designed to protect the gamer. The armor perk is designed to similar donning a Kevlar vest or tactical vest or "bullet proof" vest or similar.

The Armor box enables an exact Hit Point (HP) change.

Typically gamers start with 5HP. Gamers try to get to armor box to receive an upgrade to, for example, 8HP.

So a gamer can start out with five hit points. And if they get to the armor box upgrade to a possible eight hit points.

If the gamer is already down to say two hit points (1HP) the gamer gets to the armor box then the box will upgrade them to 4HP. (This is because the armor box is set to a maximum possible 8HP – this is 3 more than the original 5HP. So the gamer currently down to 1HP gets 3 more, i.e. 1HP+ 3HP = 4HP.)

If the gamer returns to the box throughout the game and tries to get another armor upgrade the computer inside the gaming gun will check that that unit is already at its maximum and nothing will happen.

The Battlefield Operator can pre-set how many upgrades are available at the Armor box.

Operators can also set the box to perform an unlimited number of upgrades.

Find the Armor Cache

The Battlefield Sports’ Armor box is inspired by missions in which a gamer must find a cache of protective equipment.

For example if there are 20 gamers on the Alpha Clan then the Battlefield Operator might select 10 or 20 upgrades. This simulates a cache of 20 flak jackets.
It adds thrill to a live action scenario game.

The Battlefield Sports’ Armor box is usually a metal box with a sensor embedded in resin on its lid, together with several colored buttons, and a handle on its side.

In order to activate the Armor box, a gamer must be next to the box and press the green button.

The computer inside the Armor box will automatically give the gamer an "armor upgrade".

This process takes a few seconds.

The Armor box is just one of the new in-game perks available with Battlefield Sports’ SATR.