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How much to charge for a laser tag ticket

How Much to Charge for a Laser Tag Ticket?

laser tag tickets Pricing anything, your laser tag sessions included, is something that a Battlefield Operators need to consider carefully.

Your business needs to be sustainable. Your goal is to price your tickets at what you think people will be willing to pay, based on what they except to get out of your event.  

Key things to consider when pricing your tickets are:

  • price on value, but cover your costs - remember you are creating one of their best memories so that's priceless!
  • price in your market - what are other similar entertainments charging?

If, as part of your grand opening, you are running a press day (aka media day or influencers' day) then of course you don't charge anything. Rather the journalists and bloggers expect to be looked after.

Price on Value 

If you are organizing an event, be it for regular session or special event such as a birthday party, sport team celebration, bachelor party, or team building exercise, then you'll need to charge accordingly.

One of the key considerations with ticket price is 'no shows'.

If someone has pre-paid for their ticket then this greatly increases the chances that they will turn up.

get the laser tag ticket price right

The laser tag  industry standard for ticket prices is approximately $1 per minute of gaming in an indoor arena and 0.50 cents per minute of gaming in an outdoor battlefield.

Our standard public session is 2 hours in which gamers get 4 x 15 minutes of gaming.

If we get a "walk-on" i.e. someone who has not pre-paid then the price of the ticket is $43pp. However, if a gamer pre-pays at least 48 hours before their event then the price drops down to $34pp.

There is a sliding scale of discounts, the bigger the group, the bigger the discount. 

We offer group discounts for large groups (30 plus players) so the price can go as low as $24pp.

How did we get to this price?

Then you can say, market testing! We went out to the market, adjusting our prices every year, until we reached the ideal rate. If it was too much, no one would book, too little and we wouldn't make any money. Of course, this price is subject to change - we do small tweaks every 1 to 2 years to make sure we are on top of the market. 

Price in Your Market

Ticketleap, an online ticket tool, found that of the millions of tickets sold online in the last year, the median price for an event up to 3 hours was $20pp (United States Dollars).

To some people this may seem like a lot, or too little. Every market has a different price point - often determined by the wealth and competition in the local area.

If you are running a special event, however, such as the recent Friday the 13th "Operation: Zombie Destruction" at Fear Factory Salt Lake City, USA then you can afford to charge a premium.

Tickets for that event were $15 for a 30 minute experience.

Locally have run a special Live Action Role Play experience "Scarlett Hollow 2" which is $25pp for a 30 minute experience or $33pp at the door.

According to attractions entrepreneur Lynton V Harris the average ticket price for the long running Disney on Ice is $24.50 per person. Whereas the limited season Ice Age on Ice was $80 per person.

If you are pricing an event that is for a mobile event there are additional price drivers to consider.

  • How many miles do you need to travel to the venue?
  • How long will it take to set up / pack down?
  • How many gaming guns do you want to book out?

Likewise if you have a specific market segment you want to encourage you might offer a special discount. For example you might offer a 5% discount for students or first responders. Or if you have VIP customers (customers who have booked 3 or more times previously) you might like to offer them a special discount. Or a special up-sell, like camo outfit rental. 

While offering tickets for sale online is popular, not all battlefields have access to the Internet. So offering an over the phone purchase is a good option.

The "Battlefield HQ" software (available in the BFSU) has a module where you can where you can set prices, including packages, inclusions, and discounts.

In other words, you can set up your own business rules or policies into the software reference table. So if someone is on the phone asking for a price you can give them an answer just a few clicks away. You can your customers an answer then and there.

To find out more about the Battlefield HQ Software, contact your local consultant.

How Do The Numbers Stack Up?

As an example, if you use our local fields as an exmple, we can say our average ticket price that customers end up paying is $30pp.

Here's how the numbers pan out for an outdoor laser tag opeation: 

  • 12 players = $360. A session like this is marginal, often only covering expenses.
  • 20 players = $600. A 20 player session can be run with one staff member, therefore that extra $240 goes straight into your pocket.
  • 50 players = $1,500. A session of 50 players can be run one three staff members, you will turn a profit however, with three staff you can run even larger numbers.
  • 80 players = $2,400. With the same number of staff for a 50 player session, you could easily have 80 players at once. Bigger groups is where the bigger profits are made.

Our average group size is 60 people.