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Hello Mystery Box

Hello Mystery Box. Bye-Bye Boring Game-Play

The latest version of the patented digital laser tag technology from Battlefield Sports – SATR 2 – now brings you the “Mystery Box”.

mystery box At Battlefield Sports we are listening.

A Mystery Box enables a gamer’s gaming gun to receive a new random weapon emulation. The box can be set to provide a new random weapon emulation from any of the 69 weapon emulations.

SATR, which stands for "Small Arms Transmitter Receiver" groups these 69 weapon emulations into 4 gun classes: hand-gun, SMG, rifle and machine gun. The Battlefield Sports Mystery Box can also be set to offer gamer’s a weapon emulation for within a gun class.

All changes made to the gamer’s gaming gun are temporary and are not retained between mission starts.

The Battlefield Sports’ Mystery Box, also known as the Random Box, and is also sometimes referred to as the Treasure Chest, Mystery Chest or simply “The Box”.

The Battlefield Sports’ Mystery Box is inspired by the random weapon generator featured in all Zombies maps in Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

It is a great idea.

JJ Abrams in a TED talks speech in 2007 ruminates about his mystery box, he says the Mystery Box "represents infinite possibilities, it represents hope, it represents potential. And what I love about the Box, and what I realized what I do (in whatever it is that I do) is that I find myself drawn to infinite possibility, that sense of potential. And I really believe that mystery is the catalyst for imagination."

The Battlefield Sports’ Mystery Box is usually a metal box with a sensor embedded in resin on its lid, together with several colored buttons, and a handle on its side.

Inside a video game a Mystery Box has two glowing question marks imprinted on the lid of the Box, side by side and with the right one being vertically reversed. On the side of a Battlefield Sports’ Mystery Box there is a decal which features a question mark to clearly show games that this is the Mystery Box.

In order to activate the Mystery Box, a gamer must be next to the box and press the green button. The computer inside the Mystery Box will automatically change the gamer’s weapon emulation.

When activated, the gamer’s gaming gun’s current weapon emulation will change to a random one. This process takes a few seconds. The gamer cannot re-use the Mystery Box for 90 seconds.

The fascination with the Mystery Box is what you think you are getting, compared what you actually get.

The wonder of choice means that while gamers might get a weapon emulation upgrade. A gamer might also get a downgrade!

If Battlefield LIVE gamers are playing a Domination Game then the Mystery Box is usually placed near-by to the Domination Box.

The Mystery Box is just one of the new perks in Battlefield Sports’ SATR 2.

The Mystery Box means that gamers can say “bye-bye boring” game play!